[Ecls-list] Recent changes in CVS

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll jlr at mpq.mpg.de
Mon Apr 5 01:17:07 UTC 2004

+ Streams now handle :ELEMENT-TYPE of types CHARACTER, (UNSIGNED-BYTE 8) 
and (SIGNED-BYTE 8). No other integer types are supported, because it 
would need a mayor rewrite of the streams subsystem [Just a rant: does 
the standard really require _any_ byte size to be available as possible 
value of :ELEMENT-TYPE????]

+ LISTEN and PEEK-CHAR now work with concatenated streams. The 
associated lisp function have been renamed to ecl_listen_stream() and 
ecl_peek_char(). Notice that ecl_listen_stream() can output three values

+ Several fixes in the trascendental functions (ASIN, ASINH, ACOS, ...) 
which now make use of more stable formulas found in CMUCL, plus the C 
mathematical library for the cases in which no complex numbers are 
required. These functions also provide a nice example of how to use 

+ When an array cannot be displaced (Becase ADJUSTABLE-ARRAY-P returns 
false), ADJUST-ARRAY should return a fresh new array.

+ The routines dealing with sequences (such as REMOVE), now accept 
bignums as possible values for :COUNT.

+ Many other fixes related to the type of errors signaled by IMPORT, 

Best regards,


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