[Ecls-list] Re: gcl random tester applied to ecl

Paul F. Dietz dietz at dls.net
Wed Oct 29 05:27:07 UTC 2003

I wrote:

> I tracked down a problem.  ECL is miscompiling some code in the
> tester itself.  Here's a simplified and abstracted version of
> the code that shows the same compiler bug:
> (defun test-int-form (x y)
>   (flet ((%f1 () (let ((fn #'(lambda (c)  (list x y)))) nil)))
>     (block nil
>       (%f1)
>       (flet ((%f2 () (return (list x y nil))))
>     (%f2)
>     ))))

This seems to compile correctly now.  However, the random tester
is still failing quickly (after ten or so iterations) with
an unrecoverable error.  I'll try to track that down.


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