[Ecls-list] Latest fixes

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll juan.ripoll at mpq.mpg.de
Wed Oct 22 01:03:04 UTC 2003

As usual, both in CVS and in the form of patches.

  - Many internal types, such as those used to represent arrays,
    vectors, etc, and which do not need to be used directly, have
    received the prefix "ecl" to avoid name clashes with C/C++ libraries.

  - Hashtables can now have EQUALP as test function.

  - The compiler no longer handles IN-PACKAGE and DEFPACKAGE specially.
    When a symbol is loaded from a compiled file, and the home package
    of this symbol does not exist, a new incomplete package is
    created. If MAKE-PACKAGE is invoked subsequently in this binary
    file, the incomplete package is finished and returned. If at the
    end of the load process there are still incomplete packages, a
    correctable error is signaled.

  - Fixed a nasty bug due (once more) to eager replacement of a variable. The
    form that failed to be compiled was:
	(lambda (a) (flet ((%f8 nil (setq a 0))) (let ((v9 a)) (- (%f8) v9)))))

Max-Planck-Institut fuer Quantenoptik	+49/(0)89/32905-345
Hans-Kopfermann-Str. 1, D-85748		www.mpq.mpg.de/Theorygroup/CIRAC/
Garching b. Muenchen, Germany		Juan.Ripoll at mpq.mpg.de

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