[Ecls-list] (random tester) Three bugs in ECL (current cvs head)

Paul F. Dietz dietz at dls.net
Wed Nov 5 05:35:20 UTC 2003

I've gotten the random tester running after a fashion on ecl.
I'm forced to avoid compiling random-int-form.lsp due to a compiler
bug, but the speed hit is not great.

These test cases show the bugs.  DEFTEST is the usual Waters'
rt macro.


;;; Bug in ecl (cvs head, 4 Nov 2003)
;;; "/tmp/ecl04Coiwc0V.c:48: `lex0' undeclared (first use in this function)"

(deftest misc.154
    (compile nil
	    '(lambda (b)
	       (labels ((%f8 nil -39011))
		 (flet ((%f4 (f4-1 f4-2 &optional (f4-3 (%f8)) (f4-4 b))
		   (%f4 -260093 -75538 -501684 (let ((v9 (%f8))) -3))))))

;;; "/tmp/ecl1572CbKzu.c:16: too many arguments to function `APPLY'"

(deftest misc.155
    (compile nil
	    '(lambda (a b c)
	       (labels ((%f6 (f6-1 f6-2) c))
		 (multiple-value-call #'%f6 (values a c)))))
    0 10 20)

;;; "The function C::LDB1 is undefined."

(deftest misc.156
    (compile nil
	    '(lambda ()
	       (let ((v6 (ldb (byte 30 1) 1473))) (let ((v8 v6)) 2395)))))

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