[Ecls-list] v0.9c => problem with compiled source

Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll worm at arrakis.es
Mon Nov 3 01:47:08 UTC 2003

On Saturday 01 November 2003 18:23, Robert Lehr wrote:
> I am currently trying to fix a problem with lisp files compiled with
> v0.9c. Both files use the same work in the same package.
>     ===> in a.lsp
>         (defpackage #:a (:use #:cl))
>     ===> in b.lsp
>         (eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
>           (load "a"))
>         (in-package #:a)
>         (defun asd (a) nil)

Fixed. This was a problem of the new way packages are handled by binary files: 
When you load "b.lsp", the symbol ASD is read in the not-yet-existent package 
A. This package is stored on a list of packages to be created, and later on 
eliminated from this list when "a.lsp" creates the package. Due to a 
misdesign of the routines which are responsible for this, the package was not 
entirely removed, and an error message produced.


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