[Ecls-list] Re: GCL test suite && more fixes

Paul F. Dietz dietz at dls.net
Mon Mar 10 04:27:05 UTC 2003

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll wrote:

> Thanks Paul for your wonderful test suite. It really saves one a lot of work! 
> There are things, though, which I fail to understand, such as (PROGN) => NIL 
> instead of (PROGN) => (VALUES). The first option is listed only in the
> HyperSpec as "Example", but I could not deduce it from the text :-/

It does say it, in the glossary, under 'value', entry 1.c:

   value n. 1. [...] c. (of forms in an implicit progn) one
   of possibly several objects that result from the evaluation
   of the last form, or nil if there are no forms.

Admittedly, this is very hard to find.

>   - DOTIMES fails with negative bignums and floats.

DOTIMES is not required to work on floats (but it's compliant
if it does.)


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