[Ecls-list] Any support for a default load path list?

Dave Pearson davep at davep.org
Mon Jun 30 08:36:10 UTC 2003

* Marco Antoniotti <marcoxa at cs.nyu.edu> [2003-06-30 10:28:08 -0400]:

> On Monday, Jun 30, 2003, at 09:46 America/New_York, Dave Pearson wrote:
> >Sort of, although I'd probably then want to hack `require' so that it
> >makes use of that sort of code.
> REQUIRE is deprecated.

I believe you'll find that I acknowledged this fact elsewhere. Deprecated,
however, does not mean "no longer exists" and I seriously doubt we'll be
seeing it disappear any time soon.

> [SNIP]
> MK:DEFSYSTEM is your friend.

Doubtless, and I do mean to have a look at this and ASDF at some point. In
the mean time, however, require/provide and load paths of one sort or
another have served me well and seem like a reasonable solution for a small,
simple scripting approach to using various CL implementations.

* Marco Antoniotti <marcoxa at cs.nyu.edu> [2003-06-30 10:25:06 -0400]:

> If you use MK:DEFSYSTEM you can MK:ADD-REGISTRY-LOCATION to keep you
> .system files. MK:DEFSYSTEM will then look in the repositories structure
> to find directories where to look for systems to load.

Thank-you, I'll keep this in mind. However, as you might have realised, I
was just as interested in if ECL supports any kind of load-path mechanism
along the lines of other CL implementations. In fact, given that ECL is, in
part, designed to provide an embedable CL solution I'd have thought that
such a built-in mechanism might be a welcome addition.

Dave Pearson

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