[Ecls-list] Recent changes

Dave Pearson davep at davep.org
Wed Jun 11 07:14:01 UTC 2003

* Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll <worm at arrakis.es> [2003-06-10 16:26:35 +0200]:

> For those having a ecl-0.9.tar.gz file and not wanting to use CVS, you can
> download the set of patches at http://ecls.sf.net/patch-0.9-current.gz
> Hopefully, this time everything works :-)

This is all building fine for me and all previous issues that I've reported
seem to be fixed (in case you're interested these issues came about while I
was writing <URL:http://www.davep.org/lisp/dict.lisp> and its sister bit of
code <URL:http://www.davep.org/lisp/dictrepl.lisp>).

Dave Pearson

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