[Ecls-list] ECL 0.9 pre-release

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll worm at arrakis.es
Wed Apr 23 07:22:12 UTC 2003


during Easter, I had time to work on ECL. To be precise I have finished 
implementing the SUBTYPEP routine, fixed lots of things related to sequences 
(Parsing of :KEY, :START, :END arguments; COERCE, etc), fixed also the 
DEFSTRUCT macro (It now understands better BOA constructors; builds and 
interns names for slots better, etc), etc.

Have a look at CHANGELOG for a list of changes. I had prepared a package with 
patches, so that each solved problem would be reflected in the CVS log, but I 
lost it :-(

So, please people update your CVS tree and have a look at this pre-release 
(cvs update -C -P... etc) and report any problems building the system.

An few important points:

1) SUBTYPEP is far from perfect, but works rather well. It is guaranteed to 
work for all types which do not involve unknown type identifiers (Like 
DEFTYPE forms that you forgot to define), SATISFIES, or CONS types other than 
CONS, (CONS [(T | *) [(T | *)]).

2) ECL still requires improvements in the SETF stuff. Namely, we need a 
working SETF-expander (And all associated macros, like PUSH, INCF, etc) for 
VALUES accessors. Contributions are welcome.

Best regards,


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