[Ecls-list] Mac OS X 10.2.2 build?

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll worm at arrakis.es
Wed Nov 20 01:57:01 UTC 2002

On Tuesday 19 November 2002 22:54, Sven Van Caekenberghe wrote:
> Hi,
> I tried to build ecl-07b on Mac OS X 10.2.2.
> The build seemed to complete successfully (./configure & make).
> Then I tried to run but got a crash (cd build; ecl -dir ./): bus error
> [...]
> Probably I am doing something simple wrong, as I understood that ecl
> ran on Mac OS X ?

ECL should run on Mac OS X. Before releasing a tarball, I build and test the 
program on the Mac OS X servers in SourceForge. The CVS, though, can 
sometimes be unstable enought that it does not build in some of the 
platforms, though. That is why I tag every release like ECL_0_6, ECL_0_7, 
etc. There is no tag for ECL_0_7b, though, because it is not released yet.

> Does ecl run out of its build directory, is there some make check that
> I can do before installing ?

I just built the latest CVS sources in a MacOSX server from Sourceforge 12 
hours ago. What sources are you using? I will try to recheck everything 
today, but somehow SF has denied me access to the OSX machines. They're doing 
pretty weird things lately :-/

Best regards


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