[Ecls-list] Trying to compile defsystem

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll worm at arrakis.es
Thu Nov 14 03:06:01 UTC 2002

> I also tried the patched version Juan José Garcia Ripoll posted at
> <http://ecls.sourceforge.net/download.html>. This one compiles but it
> didn't get me much further:
>   Cannot find the external symbol *CENTRAL-REGISTRY* in #<"MAKE" package>.

I am awfully sorry. I should have checked the port more extensively. It is 
good porting packages, because a lot of errors arise. Now I have found a bug 
in the implementation of logical pathnames. Namely, a logical pathname 
#p"home:foo.lisp" did not match against the filter #p"home:**;*.*". I am 
fixing this right now, and introducing the logical hostname "HOME", for 
compatibility with other implementations.

When this is done, I will submit further patches for defsystem-3 to Marco 
Antoniotti for inclusion in CLOCC.

It also puzzles me how to improve defsystem.lsp in order to handle better the 
way ECL works. Namely, ECL may either compile each *.lsp file to a separate 
DLL, or it may compile each *.lsp file to an *.o file which can be linked 
together into a single DLL. Personally I prefer the last approach, but I do 
not know enough of defsystem-3 to get this done. Any hints? I really would 
like to integrate ECL and defsystem together.


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