[Ecls-list] using ECL's shared libraries in C programs

franco smith 1919 at keromail.com
Sat Mar 23 08:20:02 UTC 2002

i'm trying to use a shared library created from a lisp file by ECL in a C program
my test lisp file looks like that:

(defun my_function () 9)

i give the following commands to ECL:

(compile-file "test.lsp" :system-p t)
(c:build-shared-library (c:shared-library-pathname "mytest") :lisp-files '("test.o"))

now, i have absolutely no idea how to go on ;)
that would be nice if you could show me a C file as an example of how to retrieve this "my_function" function from the shared library
you probably should add an simple example in the developer's manual too, as this does'nt seem to be documented anywhere


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