[Ecls-list] Endless loop of compiler errors

Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll jlr at mpq.mpg.de
Wed Feb 13 10:28:09 UTC 2002

Sorry for the previous empty message

On Wednesday 13 February 2002 16:29, you wrote:
> (defmacro invoke-alien-type-method (method type &rest args)
> [...]                ,type , at args))))
> ...results to an endless loop of the following error message:
> ;;; You are recommended to compile again.

There must be an error in the compiler which prevents it from handling errors 
that happen during macroexpansion. Both of your messages are related to it, 
and I got a few others while fixing definiline. I will look into it, but in 
case you dig into it, the bug must be located in the macroexpanders which 
happen to be in src/cmp/cmputil.lsp -- there must be some code for error 
handling missing.


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