[Ecls-list] Misc. fixes

Hannu Koivisto azure at iki.fi
Sat Feb 9 05:27:02 UTC 2002


The current CVS version has some build and installation problems
and even if they weren't there, the resulting ecl_min doesn't work.
The attached patch fixes both issues and changes HTML document
generation to use texi2html instead of makeinfo for better quality

2002-02-09  Hannu Koivisto  <azure at iki.fi>

	* src/doc/Makefile.in:
	  * (install) Now creates infodir if it does not exist.
	  * (ecl.html) Now uses texi2html instead of makeinfo.
	  * (ecldev.html) Ditto.
	  * (clean) Now removes all generated files and directories.

	* src/c/pathname.d:
	  * (si::pathname_translations) Removed local host variable that
	    clobbered the host parameter.

	* src/c/Makefile.in:
	  * Fixed incorrect suffix rules with pattern rules.

	* src/configure.in:
	  * libgc.a is not added to LIBRARIES when using system's Boehm GC.

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