[Ecls-list] compiler problems

Rolf Wester wester at ilt.fraunhofer.de
Wed Dec 4 08:53:04 UTC 2002


I tried to compile the regexp package that can be found at 
http://www2.worldpbx.com/regexp/ but faced some problems.

1. defpackage doesn't compile unless I comment out the
    (:documentation ...  part.
2. The characters #\Bell and #\Escape result in an  
    "NIL is an illegal character name" error
3. After fixing this the c-file is written by ECL but with a
   syntax error.
   "gcc -g -O2 ....
    regexcp.c:51: parse error before ';'

   line 51 is:
   CLV1=&CAR(env0=CONS(cl_va_arg(args);,env0));/*  STREAM    */

with the first ; obviously being wrongly placed.  

Is there any work around for this? Can I fix this error by hand and tell ECL
to use the fixed c-file? 

I'm looking for a CL-implementation that makes it possible to create fast 
running code (for heavy numerical simulations) either by compiling the lisp
code or by easy integration of external C-code. I have been using CMUCL for a 
while but although the CMUCL compiler produces reasonable fast code it is
still necessary to the integrate C-code and this seems to be easier with ECL.
So I tried ECL but ran into the problems described above. Another point is that
it took some time to find the problems because ECL doesn't tell much about the 
line or function where the problem accures. Is there a means to tell ECL
to be more verbose?

I would be very appreciative for help because I would like to use ECL as a 
Matlab like environment. I have tried Lush but didn't like that it because it's
not CL. All the other alternatives have some very restrictive and/or slow (Python 
etc.) languages.

Thanks in advance

Rolf Wester-------------------------------------
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