[Ecls-list] More bugfixes

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll worm at arrakis.es
Sat Oct 20 09:04:09 UTC 2001

Improvemens in the compiler:

1) Forms like (let ((*special-var* *special-var*)) ...) lead to smaller code.

2) MULTIPLE-VALUE-BIND forms would not undo their bindings of special 
variables. This was actually a bug.

3) The compilation of &aux parameters is now based on the compiler for LET* 

4) Fixed a nasty bug in the compiler for CATCH. This bug affected catch forms
in which the tag is not constant. For instance (CATCH (IF FLAG 'TAG-1 

Just in case someone cares, these bugfixes allow one to compile CMUCL's 
FORMAT into ECLS, thus getting a more ANSI compliant FORMAT and the 
FORMATTER, which is absent from ECLS.



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