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Cliff Y smustudent3 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 17 11:37:15 UTC 2001

--- Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll <worm at arrakis.es> wrote:

> 5.- Interface to C.
> This has the highest priority. Probably, the only
> advantages of ECLS with 
> respect to other lisps are ease of maintainability
> and extensibility. To this 
> respect ECLS should take the place of MzScheme in
> the scheme community and I 
> would like to come out with an interface to C which
> is simple enough to see 
> the first applications coming out.
> The worst point here is finding a minimal set of
> functions and macros to get 
> people going. I know what I need, but probably *you*
> know better what 
> *others* need.
> I mentioned the issue of namespaces. This can be
> problematic. ECLS uses 
> rather general names for functions. I mean, almost
> every basic function from 
> the HyperSpec has a corresponding function in C
> (just look at "external.h" to 
> get an idea). A simple fix would be using the "cl_"
> prefix for every 
> function. This should be about 1 month of one-man
> work.

> 10.- Graphical user interface.
> If [5] is finished, it would be great to let ECLS
> know about graphics. I 
> dislike the CLX library, and I bet the future should
> be in first linking ECLS 
> with existing graphical user interfaces (wxWindows,
> gtk, qt, display 
> postscript?) and then trying to get it to work with
> CLIM. 

Well, I don't know about the details of this, but I'll
tell you why this interests me - if the computer
algebra system Maxima can be compiled on ECLS, I'm
hoping both could be imbedded in a larger general
purpose C program as components, and also communicate
with a graphical interface.  Would these points make
that possible?  

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