[Ecls-list] Developer's manual, C interface

Lyn A Headley laheadle at cs.uchicago.edu
Thu Oct 11 13:39:15 UTC 2001

que pasó juanjo,

hello ecls list.  I've been watching ecls from the sidelines for a
while now, so I'm not sure if I count as part of the community or not,
nor have I read the new C manual, but I must say I'm very impressed
with the pace of development and hopeful about the future.

In classic free software freeloader style, I do have an opinion about
the way Juan should spend his time. If a goal for this project is more
users, I would suggest getting the threads implementation working.  As
is well known, no free Common Lisp implementation has preemptive
threads, which rules out common lisp for a variety of internet
applications.  This is a need felt by many, and various incomplete
initiatives exist (barlow's work on sbcl, cohen's on clisp).  From
what I gather though, ecls is pretty close to a working threads
implementation, although I have seen references to "the bug" in the
source code scattered around #Ifdef THREAD directives.  my $0.02

Ok make it $0.04.  Another tactic I would suggest is focusing the ANSI
compatibility efforts on getting existing free systems (especially
reusable libraries) to work under ecls.  My selfish first choices are
uncommonsql and imho, and actually i am considering doing one or both
of the ports myself as a way to get the hang of ecls.  does anybody
else have ideas as to what systems could be ported to good "visibility

Also, does ecls work with ilisp?


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