[Ecls-list] ILISP

Dr. Edmund Weitz edi at agharta.de
Sun Nov 25 02:35:01 UTC 2001

Has anybody succeeded in using ECLS 0.5 with ILISP? If I'm trying to
start ECLS as my inferior Lisp, it tries to load the ILISP init files
which results in two ECLS messages of the form

  Broken at LOAD.

Afterwards Emacs hangs completely and has to be killed. This happens
with Emacs 20.7 as well as with 21.1. It happens on the console and
under X and with two different Linux installations. ILISP is 5.11 in
all cases.

I can load the init files directly into ECLS (started from a terminal)
without problems. I can also start ECLS and load the init files from a
shell buffer in Emacs.

I tried to debug the problem but I have to admit I didn't come very
far yet. I think it could be a comint problem, though.

Thanks for your help,

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