[Ecls-list] embedding ECLS/Lisp in C

Cliff Y smustudent3 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 18 02:33:37 UTC 2001

Hi!  I've got a hum-dinnger of a problem, and I
thought I'd put this on the list to see if anyone
knows more than I do.

I'm hoping to write a GUI for a lisp program called
Maxima, but after a long search I'm unable to find any
satisfactory GUI bindings for lisp.  So here is my

The website says that ECLS was originally designed to
be embedded into C programs.  Does that mean you could
use it as a bridge inside a program to allow C code to
call Lisp functions?  I.E., compile the lisp code with
ECLS and then use the resulting code to talk with the
C/C++ code handling the interface?  I didn't see much
about how to embed ECLS into a C program on in the
docs - maybe I missed something.  At any rate, if I
can do that, it might be worth it to try compiling
maxima on ECLS and using that as a starting point from
which to build a GUI app.  Is that possible?


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