[Ecls-list] Patches for C++ compatibility ARE NOW commited

Rudi Schlatte rschlatte at ist.tu-graz.ac.at
Thu Dec 20 08:44:04 UTC 2001

Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll <Juan.Ripoll at mpq.mpg.de> writes:

> Rudi Schlatte wrote:
> > 
> > In the source tree, make clean fails, because there is no makefile in
> > build/gmp/tune/ (transcript follows):
> No problem here with a fresh checkout -- and I have not changed anything
> there.

Could not reproduce it here with a new checkout either - possibly my
old tree was out of whack.  Sorry for the bogus report.

> src/configure.in, src/configure and src/Makefile.in had not been
> committed due to a stupid mistake of my own. (Definitively this week is
> being a hell -- I wipe the ecls/src/ directory, two weeks in an empty
> apartment and still waiting for my furnitures, my umbrella falls into
> pieces and I loose my gloves. Ok that is off topic, and you probably do
> not care much, but these things affect development :)

I admit my communication style is a bit ... terse; I managed to make
an ass out of myself e.g. on the LispOS mailing list (still the prime
example for too much talking and no results), so I prefer to send
patches at the moment.  Besides, you can't have a cup of coffee over a
mailing list.  But, if I have understood correctly, you are in the
process of changing work, apartment and country; that you have time
and energy _at all_ to invest in ecl at the moment is no small feat,
and is appreciated very much.

> Things should be fixed now. I have made fresh builds with checkout
> source trees both under Linux and FreeBSD and things seem to work. It
> would be nice if people having Windows could checkout the CVS sources
> and try them out.

The top-level configure script files if there are spaces anywhere in
$srcdir, changing the next-to-last line to 

"${srcdir}/configure" --srcdir="${srcdir}" $*

lets me start the build.  I can post definite success / failure only
tomorrow, because cygwin compiles slow as molasses on my machine here.
However, on my linux machine, builds take as long as ./configure alone
under windows, so I managed to notice that tcp support seems to be
broken at the moment (compile failure in alloc_2.d, hmm).

No patches at the moment, since I am off christmas shopping; may you
all have enough time, money and loved persons-to-give-presents-to to
do the same :)



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