[Ecls-list] build-program documentation problems

Marco Antoniotti marcoxa at cs.nyu.edu
Wed Dec 19 07:31:03 UTC 2001

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> Marco Antoniotti wrote:
> >>Perhaps I could try to port the mk defsystem (has this been done 
> >>before?) and then write an extension for building the various ecl targets.
> >>This ought to be a good learning experience for me as I am only barely 
> >>familiar with the defsystem.
> >>
> >
> >That is a very good idea. Keep me posted on that.  Note that the
> >official MK:DEFSYSTEM home is in the CLOCC.
> >
> I also note that there seems to be some sort of project to create a 
> completely new defsystem.  Any idea about the progress of the project 
> described in  clocc/src/defsystem-4/docs/defsystem.tex?

Well, there the code is in the works. One of the main design goals is
to be 99% backward compatible with MK:DEFSYSTEM 3.2.

Other functionality that I wan in is

1 - extensibility (the new DEFSYSTEM is CLOS based)
2 - functionality that is useful to projects like matlisp and clg
    (read: integration with other language compilers)

Number 2 is tricky because you want essentially a generic function
that does

     (compile-file-component <file-component>
                             <compiler> &rest <arguments>)

where at least <language> and <compiler> are instances of a given
class (e.g. right now MK:DEFSYSTEM 3.2 has hardwired settings for gcc: this
is too restrictive).

I am struggling with the ideas of keeping the <language> and the
<compiler> as slots in the component, or to make a <language-mixin>
class and have a class hierarchy defined as

      defclass c-file (file c-language-mixin)

Any suggestions?

I will have time to work on it during the next weeks, but I will not
read this list very much.


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