[Ecls-list] Urgent -- seek patches for C++ support

Alexander S A Kjeldaas Alexander.Kjeldaas at fast.no
Mon Dec 17 06:07:06 UTC 2001

On Mon, Dec 17, 2001 at 11:37:23AM +0100, Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll wrote:
> Hi,
> not long ago, somebody on this list sent me a set of patches for making
> ECL compile using g++, the C++ compiler. I have changed my location
> twice and in the process I have lost the few personal mails that I got
> during these days. Could that person please send me these patches again?
> I would like to finish that before Xmas gets in the way and I have to
> switch country again :)

That would probably be me.  Beware, the patch isn't polished.  There
are a few things I'd like to fix, but I don't have the ECL source
handy at the moment:

o The default compiler is set to g++.  This is wrong.

o There is a huge list of magic built-in functions.  There should be a
better way of registering all native ECL functions (in C++ we have to
avoid multiple declarations so we need to track which functions are
already declared).  I don't know if this is easily fixed.

o Lots of debugging crap is written to the generated header files -
stuff like "function X was already declared so I won't declare it once


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