[Ecls-list] GMP 4.0

Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll Juan.Ripoll at mpq.mpg.de
Thu Dec 13 03:15:03 UTC 2001


I have commited in the latest changes to the GNU Multiprecision library.
The version in the repository is now 4.0. It seems slightly faster as
for the factorial test, but my benchmarks are not very reliable since
they are done at SourceForge.

BTW, as Hannu Koivisto pointed out, the fact that GMP is kept in the
main source tree makes things a bit difficult when upgrading to a new
version. People using cvs to update the the source tree are recommended
to wipe out entirely the src/gmp directory and then update. Please tell
me wether the CVS version works on your platform.

As a side note GMP 4.0 now supports Darwin. I remember that was one of
the things that prevented me from porting ECL to that plaform. Maybe
somebody would like to work on this as a weekend project.


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