[Ecls-list] Bug report (?) and two questions

Dr. Edmund Weitz edi at agharta.de
Sat Dec 1 15:08:16 UTC 2001

worm <worm at arrakis.es> writes:

> Then this is a problem with the Boehm-Weiser garbage collector. This
> collector keeps a list of memory that it believes to be
> unreclaimable.  If this list gets too large, then the amount of
> allocatable memory drops down to zero. This surely deserves
> investigation, but it would help me if you could try the same
> program, on the same platform but building ECLS with
> --disable-boehm. That reverts to the original garbage collector,
> which may or may not work on your version of Unix.

Sorry for the delay - I had the flu and was in bed.

I rebuilt ecls with --disable-boehm and rerun the tests with the
faculty function. I got basically the same results - same error
messages when compiled, same unresponsive behaviour when interpreted.


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