[drakma-devel] Drakma - problem with http-request on SBCL 1.0.34

Fred Gibson fred at streamfocus.com
Thu Jan 7 20:33:08 UTC 2010

I've found a small problem in Drakma's http-request where in a call to
usocket:socket-connect it sent the key :nodelay which doesn't exist
for sbcl's socket connect version, so I changed that call in drakma to

            (usocket:socket-connect host port
               :element-type 'octet
               #+:openmcl :deadline
               #+:openmcl deadline
               #-:sbcl :nodelay
               #-:sbcl t))

Then it seemed to work just fine.

My best,

Fred Gibson

Founder / Software Developer

(c)2010 Organon Technologies LLC

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