[drakma-devel] New releases of Hunchentoot, Drakma, and Chunga

Edi Weitz edi at agharta.de
Thu Feb 19 01:58:21 UTC 2009


I've just released new versions (all called 1.0.0) of Hunchentoot,
Drakma, and Chunga.  Note that none of these is compatible with
earlier versions, so if you upgrade, you'll need to upgrade all of

If you're using Hunchentoot or Drakma in a production environment and
if it works well for you, you probably shouldn't switch.  These are
releases with a lot of changes and it is pretty likely that they
contain bugs.  If you're tracking the development, it'd be nice if you
could download the new versions and provide feedback, though.

The good news:

* Hunchentoot has a new architecture that should hopefully make it
  much easier to extend or to customize it.

* Both Huchentoot and Drakma should be faster now.

* Now that we finally have release versions again, there are more
  things to come.  Expect 1.0.1, 1.0.2, etc. releases in the next

The bad news:

* The Hunchentoot API has changed considerably and you'll have to read
  the documentation to see how it works now.  Of course, we didn't do
  that to annoy you - we have to change our own web apps as well.  We
  think that the new API is better, though, and that the change was
  worth it.

* Some stuff has been removed, either because it seemed that nobody
  used it or because we thought it didn't really belong into a web

Have fun,

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