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Fri Feb 26 05:30:46 UTC 2016

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1b324b5d by Raymond Toy at 2016-02-15T09:40:13-08:00
Update from logs.

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8d6a01fb by Raymond Toy at 2016-02-25T21:30:29-08:00
Add note on building motifd and clm.

Mention that you need Motif to build motifd which is required for
clm.  Also say that the build error can be safely ignored if you do
not need clm.

Fix issue #20

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2 changed files:

- src/general-info/release-21b.txt


@@ -334,6 +334,18 @@ including CLX, CMUCL/Motif, the Motif debugger, inspector, and control
 panel, and the Hemlock editor.  It will use the lisp executable and
 core of the given target.
+Note: To build with Motif (clm), you need to have the Motif libraries
+available and headers available to build motifd, the clm Motif server.
+OpenMotif is known to work.
+You may need to adjust the include paths and library paths in
+src/motif/server/Config.* to match where Motif is installed if the
+paths therein are incorrect.
+Unless you intend to use clm and motifd, you can safely ignore the
+build failure.  Everything else will have been compiled correctly; you
+just can't use clm.
 * bin/make-dist.sh [-bg] [-G group] [-O owner] target-directory version arch os
 This script creates both main and extra distribution tarballs from the

--- a/src/general-info/release-21b.txt
+++ b/src/general-info/release-21b.txt
@@ -50,6 +50,9 @@ New in this release:
       integer value of power.
     * Starting cmucl with "-dyanmic-space-size 0" means using the
       maximum possible heap size for the platform.
+    * More descriptive docstring for
+      * *environment-list*
+      * :env option for run-program
   * ANSI compliance fixes:
     * PATHNAME-MATCH-P did not accept search-lists.
@@ -59,6 +62,8 @@ New in this release:
     * Generate inxact exceptions more carefully.
     * Fix FP issue when building with Xcode 7.2 (and newer versions of
       clang).  (See ticket #12.)
+    * Cleanups in handling floating-point exceptions.  See Tickets #15
+      and #16.
   * Trac Tickets:
@@ -70,6 +75,13 @@ New in this release:
       worked around by explicitly setting inexact instead of using FP
       instructions to generate inexact.
     * Ticket #16 fixed: search-lists are handled correctly.
+    * Ticket #14 fixed: WITH-FLOAT-TRAPS-ENABLED doesn't incorrectly
+      set accrued exceptions anymore.
+    * Ticket #15 fixed: FLOATING-POINT-INEXACT exception prints out
+      values correctly now.
+    * Ticket #17 fixed: better docstring for *ENVIRONMENT-LIST*
+    * Ticket #18 fixed: better description of :ENV option for
   * Other changes:

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