[Git][cmucl/cmucl][sparc64-dev] Remove :alien-callback

Raymond Toy rtoy at common-lisp.net
Sun Dec 25 16:59:10 UTC 2016

Raymond Toy pushed to branch sparc64-dev at cmucl / cmucl

d4418c5f by Raymond Toy at 2016-12-25T08:58:58-08:00
Remove :alien-callback

For some reason alien-callback.lisp causes errors when rebuilding the
world using the x86 cross-compiled result.  It's not needed by core
cmucl so lets just not compile it all on sparc64.  We'll investigate
that later.  Besides, the current code very likely wouldn't work
correctly on sparc64 anyway.

- - - - -

1 changed file:

- src/tools/cross-scripts/cross-x86-sparc64.lisp


--- a/src/tools/cross-scripts/cross-x86-sparc64.lisp
+++ b/src/tools/cross-scripts/cross-x86-sparc64.lisp
@@ -36,7 +36,10 @@
    ;; Features to remove from current *features* here
-   '(:sparc-v8 :sparc-v7		; Choose only one of :sparc-v7, :sparc-v8, :sparc-v9
+   '(
+     ;; Currently don't support alien callbacks on sparc64.
+     :alien-callback
+     :sparc-v8 :sparc-v7		; Choose only one of :sparc-v7, :sparc-v8, :sparc-v9
      ;; Other architectures we aren't using.  Particularly important
      ;; to get rid of sse2 and x87 so we don't accidentally try to
      ;; compile the x87/sse2 float support on sparc, which won't work.

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