[Git][cmucl/cmucl][master] Add better description of the output of x87-floating-point-modes

Raymond Toy rtoy at common-lisp.net
Thu Dec 31 22:02:33 UTC 2015

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e28e38ce by Raymond Toy at 2015-12-31T14:02:26Z
Add better description of the output of x87-floating-point-modes

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1 changed file:

- src/compiler/x86/float.lisp


--- a/src/compiler/x86/float.lisp
+++ b/src/compiler/x86/float.lisp
@@ -2340,6 +2340,13 @@
 ;; When one of the mask bits (0-5) is set, then that exception is
 ;; masked so that no exception is generated.
+;; Returns the control and status words merged into one.  The low 16
+;; bits contains the control word with the exception mask bits
+;; inverted to indicate exception enable bits.  The high 16 bits
+;; contains the status word, but the top 8 bits of the status word are
+;; cleared, effectively removing the condition code, top-of-stack
+;; bits, and the FPU busy bit.
 (define-vop (x87-floating-point-modes)
   (:results (res :scs (unsigned-reg)))
   (:result-types unsigned-num)

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