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Wed Dec 30 02:10:10 UTC 2015

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a65cf4a4 by Raymond Toy at 2015-12-29T18:10:00Z
Regenerate due to new functions.

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1 changed file:

- src/i18n/locale/cmucl.pot


--- a/src/i18n/locale/cmucl.pot
+++ b/src/i18n/locale/cmucl.pot
@@ -4729,6 +4729,45 @@ msgstr ""
 #: src/code/float-trap.lisp
 msgid ""
+"Sets floating-point modes according to the give options and the\n"
+"  specified mode, Floating-Point-Modes.  The resulting new mode is\n"
+"  returned.  If a keyword is not supplied, then the current value is\n"
+"  preserved.  Possible keywords:\n"
+"   :TRAPS\n"
+"       A list of the exception conditions that should cause traps.  Possible"
+"       exceptions are :UNDERFLOW, :OVERFLOW, :INEXACT, :INVALID,\n"
+"       :DIVIDE-BY-ZERO, and on the X86 :DENORMALIZED-OPERAND. Initially\n"
+"       all traps except :INEXACT are enabled.\n"
+"       The rounding mode to use when the result is not exact.  Possible "
+"       Initially, the rounding mode is :NEAREST.\n"
+"       These arguments allow setting of the exception flags.  The main use "
+"       setting the accrued exceptions to NIL to clear them.\n"
+"   :FAST-MODE\n"
+"       Set the hardware's \"fast mode\" flag, if any.  When set, IEEE\n"
+"       conformance or debuggability may be impaired.  Some machines may not\n"
+"       have this feature, in which case the value is always NIL.\n"
+"   GET-FLOATING-POINT-MODES may be used to find the floating point modes\n"
+"   currently in effect."
+msgstr ""
+#: src/code/float-trap.lisp
+msgid "Unknown rounding mode: ~S."
+msgstr ""
+#: src/code/float-trap.lisp
+msgid ""
 "This function sets options controlling the floating-point hardware.  If a\n"
 "  keyword is not supplied, then the current value is preserved.  Possible\n"
 "  keywords:\n"
@@ -4762,7 +4801,11 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
 #: src/code/float-trap.lisp
-msgid "Unknown rounding mode: ~S."
+msgid ""
+"This function returns a list representing the state of the floating point\n"
+"  modes given in Modes.  The list is in the same format as the keyword "
+"arguments to\n"
 msgstr ""
 #: src/code/float-trap.lisp

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