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Raymond Toy rtoy at common-lisp.net
Tue Nov 4 02:41:20 UTC 2014

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 tagged by  Raymond Toy
        on  Mon Nov 3 18:40:21 2014 -0800

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Snapshot 2014-11
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Raymond Toy (61):
      Remove the NetBSD setexception changes on the master branch. This is
      Fix error in type derivation for the sign in DECODE-FLOAT.
      Make (log (scale-float 1d0 k) 2) = k
      Import e_log10.c from netlib as is.
      Update to use a union.
      Use fdlibm_setexception to signal appropriate exceptions.
      Add fdlibm's log10.
      Add deftransform to convert (log x 2) and (log x 10) to log2 and
      Make the LOG function match what the deftransform for LOG does.
      Add tests for compiled log2 and log10.
      Fix type derivation of the exponent for DECODE-FLOAT.
      Oops. Remove debugging print left in from commit [c0052f55]
      Fix incorrect value from INTEGER-DECODE-FLOAT for denormals.
      Correct a comment for %ieee754-rem-pi/2.
      Import scalbn directly from fdlibm.
      Rename scalbn to fdlibm_scalbn, and use a union.
      Compile in scalbn.
      Fix a couple of issues in the code.
      Add alien interface to scalbn.
      Add tests for kernel:%scalbn.
      Move fdlibm tests from trig.lisp to fdlibm.lisp.
      Fix regression in %ENUMERATE-DIRECTORIES.
      Micro-optimize SCALE-FLOAT to use multiplication when possible.
      Merge branch '20f-branch'
      Update with latest changes.
      Update ppc cross-compile script.
      Update sparc cross-compile script.
      Fix issue with negative value for lisp::cycles-per-tick.
      First cut at removing ppc-darwin-dlshim.c. Not needed anymore because
      Unify extern-alien-name for darwin x86 and ppc.
      Prepend underscore in extern-alien-name for darwin/ppc.
      On sparc, use EXTERN_ALIEN_NAME too when printing out the error message.
      For x86, define FEATURE_ELF if needed.
      For sparc, define FEATURE_ELF because Solaris uses elf.
      Add boot file for the darwin/x86 cross-compile that is used to fix the
      Add :elf to *features* for sparc/solaris.
      Fix compiler warning for skipped_break_addr
      Update to asdf 3.1.4.
      Update from commit logs.
      Remove definition of LD.
      Remove darwin-lispadjuster.c and ppc-darwin-dlshim.c
      Remove OS_LINK_FLAGS that were creating a CMUCLRO section.
      Fix compiler warning on ppc about &context->uc_mcontext->__es.__dar
      Close the file descriptor when done.
      Don't leak the string created by strdup.
      Clarify a few things.
      Fix #84: motifd is 64-bit app.
      Fix motifd text callback.
      Support 64-bit time-t on NetBSD.
      Fix issue in sending a boolean created from a pointer in
      Minor tweaks for solaris.
      Support 64-bit time-t on NetBSD.
      Change check for id to be 1 <= id <= 3, and print error message if
      The external format :utf is no longer an alias for :utf-8.
      Update notes from logs.
      Remove the LOOP package. There are no symbols in it anyway.
      Remove src/code/old-loop.lisp.
      Update notes from logs.
      Replace :utf with :utf-8 since :utf is no longer an alias.

Richard M Kreuter (5):
      Add an "oid" layer to motifd.
      Fix bugs around XmTextField's callbacks.
      Remove some printf debugging in write_text_callback.
      XEvents need to be trafficked as oids, too.
      Rename "oblist.*" to "oid.*" (since the data structure is incidental).


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