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+<dt>2010-11 snapshot
+<dd> Some of the important changes are listed below.  See the <a
+notes</a> for more details.
+ <ul>
+  <li> Update to Unicode 5.2.0.</li>
+  <li> Support for character name completion for use with Slime.</li>
+  <li> <code>COMPILE-FILE</code> accepts a
+  <code>:DECODING-ERROR</code> argument that indicates how to handle
+  decoding errors when reading the file.</li>
+  <li> <code>RUN-PROGRAM</code> accepts <code>:EXTERNAL-FORMAT</code>
+  parameter to specify the external format for streams that are
+  created.</li> 
+  <li> <code>READ-CHAR</code> signals errors on non-character
+  streams.  <code>READ-BYTE</code> signals errors on character
+  streams.  This is a change from previous versions.  However, both
+  will work if the stream is a <code>binary-text-stream</code>.</li>
+  <li> <code>REALPART</code> and <code>IMAGPARG</code> no longer
+  returns 0 instead of the correct part of a complex number in some
+  situations. </li>
+ </ul>
 <dt><p><strong>20b released</strong></p></dt>
 <dd><p>CMUCL 20b has been released.  For information on the changes,
   we refer the reader to the <a href="release-20b.txt">20b release

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