[cmucl-cvs] CMUCL commit: RELEASE-20B-BRANCH src/contrib/asdf (asdf.lisp)

Raymond Toy rtoy at common-lisp.net
Thu Aug 26 13:14:13 UTC 2010

    Date: Thursday, August 26, 2010 @ 09:14:13
  Author: rtoy
    Path: /project/cmucl/cvsroot/src/contrib/asdf

Modified: asdf.lisp

Update asdf2 to version 2.007.

 asdf.lisp |  798 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----------------------------
 1 file changed, 430 insertions(+), 368 deletions(-)

Index: src/contrib/asdf/asdf.lisp
diff -u src/contrib/asdf/asdf.lisp:1.6 src/contrib/asdf/asdf.lisp:
--- src/contrib/asdf/asdf.lisp:1.6	Tue Jul 13 19:38:27 2010
+++ src/contrib/asdf/asdf.lisp	Thu Aug 26 09:14:13 2010
@@ -45,42 +45,38 @@
 ;;; The problem with writing a defsystem replacement is bootstrapping:
 ;;; we can't use defsystem to compile it.  Hence, all in one file.
-(ext:file-comment "$Header: /project/cmucl/cvsroot/src/contrib/asdf/asdf.lisp,v 1.6 2010-07-13 23:38:27 rtoy Exp $")
 #+xcvb (module ())
 (cl:in-package :cl)
-(defpackage :asdf-bootstrap (:use :cl))
-(in-package :asdf-bootstrap)
-;; Implementation-dependent tweaks
 (eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
+  ;;; make package if it doesn't exist yet.
+  ;;; DEFPACKAGE may cause errors on discrepancies, so we avoid it.
+  (unless (find-package :asdf)
+    (make-package :asdf :use '(:cl)))
+  ;;; Implementation-dependent tweaks
   ;; (declaim (optimize (speed 2) (debug 2) (safety 3)) ; NO: rely on the implementation defaults.
   (setf excl::*autoload-package-name-alist*
         (remove "asdf" excl::*autoload-package-name-alist*
                 :test 'equalp :key 'car))
-  #+ecl (require :cmp)
-  #+gcl
-  (eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel)
-    (defpackage :asdf-utilities (:use :cl))
-    (defpackage :asdf (:use :cl :asdf-utilities))))
+  #+ecl (require :cmp))
+(in-package :asdf)
 ;;;; Create packages in a way that is compatible with hot-upgrade.
 ;;;; See https://bugs.launchpad.net/asdf/+bug/485687
 ;;;; See more at the end of the file.
 (eval-when (:load-toplevel :compile-toplevel :execute)
+  (defvar *asdf-version* nil)
+  (defvar *upgraded-p* nil)
   (let* ((asdf-version ;; the 1+ helps the version bumping script discriminate
-          (subseq "VERSION:2.004" (1+ (length "VERSION")))) ; NB: same as 2.111.
-         (existing-asdf (find-package :asdf))
-         (vername '#:*asdf-version*)
-         (versym (and existing-asdf
-                      (find-symbol (string vername) existing-asdf)))
-         (existing-version (and versym (boundp versym) (symbol-value versym)))
+          (subseq "VERSION:2.007" (1+ (length "VERSION")))) ; same as 2.124
+         (existing-asdf (fboundp 'find-system))
+         (existing-version *asdf-version*)
          (already-there (equal asdf-version existing-version)))
     (unless (and existing-asdf already-there)
-      #-gcl
       (when existing-asdf
         (format *trace-output*
                 "~&Upgrading ASDF package ~@[from version ~A ~]to version ~A~%"
@@ -124,9 +120,16 @@
              (let ((sym (find-sym symbol package)))
                (when sym
                  (unexport sym package)
-                 (unintern sym package))))
+                 (unintern sym package)
+                 sym)))
            (ensure-unintern (package symbols)
-             (dolist (sym symbols) (remove-symbol sym package)))
+             (loop :with packages = (list-all-packages)
+               :for sym :in symbols
+               :for removed = (remove-symbol sym package)
+               :when removed :do
+               (loop :for p :in packages :do
+                 (when (eq removed (find-sym sym p))
+                   (unintern removed p)))))
            (ensure-shadow (package symbols)
              (shadow symbols package))
            (ensure-use (package use)
@@ -140,15 +143,26 @@
                :for sym = (find-sym name package)
                :when sym :do (fmakunbound sym)))
            (ensure-export (package export)
-             (let ((syms (loop :for x :in export :collect
-                           (intern* x package))))
-               (do-external-symbols (sym package)
-                 (unless (member sym syms)
-                   (remove-symbol sym package)))
-               (dolist (sym syms)
-                 (export sym package))))
+             (let ((formerly-exported-symbols nil)
+                   (bothly-exported-symbols nil)
+                   (newly-exported-symbols nil))
+               (loop :for sym :being :each :external-symbol :in package :do
+                 (if (member sym export :test 'string-equal)
+                     (push sym bothly-exported-symbols)
+                     (push sym formerly-exported-symbols)))
+               (loop :for sym :in export :do
+                 (unless (member sym bothly-exported-symbols :test 'string-equal)
+                   (push sym newly-exported-symbols)))
+               (loop :for user :in (package-used-by-list package)
+                 :for shadowing = (package-shadowing-symbols user) :do
+                 (loop :for new :in newly-exported-symbols
+                   :for old = (find-sym new user)
+                   :when (and old (not (member old shadowing)))
+                   :do (unintern old user)))
+               (loop :for x :in newly-exported-symbols :do
+                 (export (intern* x package)))))
            (ensure-package (name &key nicknames use unintern fmakunbound shadow export)
-             (let ((p (ensure-exists name nicknames use)))
+             (let* ((p (ensure-exists name nicknames use)))
                (ensure-unintern p unintern)
                (ensure-shadow p shadow)
                (ensure-export p export)
@@ -163,41 +177,13 @@
                    :unintern ',(append #-(or gcl ecl) redefined-functions unintern)
                    :fmakunbound ',(append fmakunbound))))
-           :asdf-utilities
-           :nicknames (#:asdf-extensions)
-           :use (#:common-lisp)
-           :unintern (#:split #:make-collector)
-           :export
-           (#:absolute-pathname-p
-            #:aif
-            #:appendf
-            #:asdf-message
-            #:coerce-name
-            #:directory-pathname-p
-            #:ends-with
-            #:ensure-directory-pathname
-            #:getenv
-            #:get-uid
-            #:length=n-p
-            #:merge-pathnames*
-            #:pathname-directory-pathname
-            #:read-file-forms
-            #:remove-keys
-            #:remove-keyword
-            #:resolve-symlinks
-            #:split-string
-            #:component-name-to-pathname-components
-            #:split-name-type
-            #:system-registered-p
-            #:truenamize
-            #:while-collecting))
-          (pkgdcl
-           :use (:common-lisp :asdf-utilities)
+           :use (:common-lisp)
            (#:perform #:explain #:output-files #:operation-done-p
             #:perform-with-restarts #:component-relative-pathname
-            #:system-source-file #:operate #:find-component)
+            #:system-source-file #:operate #:find-component #:find-system
+            #:apply-output-translations #:translate-pathname*)
            (#:*asdf-revision* #:around #:asdf-method-combination
             #:split #:make-collector)
@@ -209,7 +195,7 @@
            (#:defsystem #:oos #:operate #:find-system #:run-shell-command
             #:system-definition-pathname #:find-component ; miscellaneous
-            #:compile-system #:load-system #:test-system
+            #:compile-system #:load-system #:test-system #:clear-system
             #:compile-op #:load-op #:load-source-op
             #:operation               ; operations
@@ -217,7 +203,7 @@
             #:version                 ; metaphorically sort-of an operation
-            #:input-files #:output-files #:perform ; operation methods
+            #:input-files #:output-files #:output-file #:perform ; operation methods
             #:operation-done-p #:explain
             #:component #:source-file
@@ -256,6 +242,7 @@
+            #:component-visited-p
             #:*central-registry*         ; variables
@@ -285,6 +272,7 @@
+            #:clear-configuration
@@ -293,28 +281,43 @@
-            #:process-source-registry)))
-        (let* ((version (intern* vername :asdf))
-               (upvar (intern* '#:*upgraded-p* :asdf))
-               (upval0 (and (boundp upvar) (symbol-value upvar)))
-               (upval1 (if existing-version (cons existing-version upval0) upval0)))
-          (eval `(progn
-                   (defparameter ,version ,asdf-version)
-                   (defparameter ,upvar ',upval1))))))))
+            #:process-source-registry
-(in-package :asdf)
+            ;; Utilities
+            #:absolute-pathname-p
+            #:aif
+            #:appendf
+            #:asdf-message
+            #:coerce-name
+            #:directory-pathname-p
+            #:ends-with
+            #:ensure-directory-pathname
+            #:getenv
+            #:get-uid
+            #:length=n-p
+            #:merge-pathnames*
+            #:pathname-directory-pathname
+            #:read-file-forms
+            #:remove-keys
+            #:remove-keyword
+            #:resolve-symlinks
+            #:split-string
+            #:component-name-to-pathname-components
+            #:split-name-type
+            #:system-registered-p
+            #:truenamize
+            #:while-collecting)))
+        (setf *asdf-version* asdf-version
+              *upgraded-p* (if existing-version
+                               (cons existing-version *upgraded-p*)
+                               *upgraded-p*))))))
 ;; More cleanups in case of hot-upgrade. See https://bugs.launchpad.net/asdf/+bug/485687
-(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel)
-  (defvar *asdf-version* nil)
-  (defvar *upgraded-p* nil))
 (when *upgraded-p*
    (when (find-class 'compile-op nil)
@@ -344,17 +347,18 @@
 (defvar *resolve-symlinks* t
   "Determine whether or not ASDF resolves symlinks when defining systems.
-Defaults to `t`.")
+Defaults to T.")
-(defvar *compile-file-warnings-behaviour* :warn
-  "How should ASDF react if it encounters a warning when compiling a
-file?  Valid values are :error, :warn, and :ignore.")
-(defvar *compile-file-failure-behaviour* #+sbcl :error #-sbcl :warn
-        "How should ASDF react if it encounters a failure \(per the
-ANSI spec of COMPILE-FILE\) when compiling a file?  Valid values are
-:error, :warn, and :ignore.  Note that ASDF ALWAYS raises an error
-if it fails to create an output file when compiling.")
+(defvar *compile-file-warnings-behaviour*
+  (or #+clisp :ignore :warn)
+  "How should ASDF react if it encounters a warning when compiling a file?
+Valid values are :error, :warn, and :ignore.")
+(defvar *compile-file-failure-behaviour*
+  (or #+sbcl :error #+clisp :ignore :warn)
+  "How should ASDF react if it encounters a failure (per the ANSI spec of COMPILE-FILE)
+when compiling a file?  Valid values are :error, :warn, and :ignore.
+Note that ASDF ALWAYS raises an error if it fails to create an output file when compiling.")
 (defvar *verbose-out* nil)
@@ -373,53 +377,64 @@
 ;;;; -------------------------------------------------------------------------
 ;;;; ASDF Interface, in terms of generic functions.
-(defmacro defgeneric* (name formals &rest options)
-  `(progn
-     #+(or gcl ecl) (fmakunbound ',name)
-     (defgeneric ,name ,formals , at options)))
+    ((defdef (def* def)
+       `(defmacro ,def* (name formals &rest rest)
+          `(progn
+             #+(or ecl gcl) (fmakunbound ',name)
+             ,(when (and #+ecl (symbolp name))
+                `(declaim (notinline ,name))) ; fails for setf functions on ecl
+             (,',def ,name ,formals , at rest)))))
+  (defdef defgeneric* defgeneric)
+  (defdef defun* defun))
+(defgeneric* find-system (system &optional error-p))
 (defgeneric* perform-with-restarts (operation component))
 (defgeneric* perform (operation component))
 (defgeneric* operation-done-p (operation component))
 (defgeneric* explain (operation component))
 (defgeneric* output-files (operation component))
 (defgeneric* input-files (operation component))
-(defgeneric component-operation-time (operation component))
+(defgeneric* component-operation-time (operation component))
+(defgeneric* operation-description (operation component)
+  (:documentation "returns a phrase that describes performing this operation
+on this component, e.g. \"loading /a/b/c\".
+You can put together sentences using this phrase."))
 (defgeneric* system-source-file (system)
   (:documentation "Return the source file in which system is defined."))
-(defgeneric component-system (component)
+(defgeneric* component-system (component)
   (:documentation "Find the top-level system containing COMPONENT"))
-(defgeneric component-pathname (component)
+(defgeneric* component-pathname (component)
   (:documentation "Extracts the pathname applicable for a particular component."))
-(defgeneric component-relative-pathname (component)
+(defgeneric* component-relative-pathname (component)
   (:documentation "Returns a pathname for the component argument intended to be
 interpreted relative to the pathname of that component's parent.
 Despite the function's name, the return value may be an absolute
 pathname, because an absolute pathname may be interpreted relative to
 another pathname in a degenerate way."))
-(defgeneric component-property (component property))
+(defgeneric* component-property (component property))
-(defgeneric (setf component-property) (new-value component property))
+(defgeneric* (setf component-property) (new-value component property))
-(defgeneric version-satisfies (component version))
+(defgeneric* version-satisfies (component version))
 (defgeneric* find-component (base path)
   (:documentation "Finds the component with PATH starting from BASE module;
 if BASE is nil, then the component is assumed to be a system."))
-(defgeneric source-file-type (component system))
+(defgeneric* source-file-type (component system))
-(defgeneric operation-ancestor (operation)
+(defgeneric* operation-ancestor (operation)
    "Recursively chase the operation's parent pointer until we get to
 the head of the tree"))
-(defgeneric component-visited-p (operation component)
+(defgeneric* component-visited-p (operation component)
   (:documentation "Returns the value stored by a call to
 VISIT-COMPONENT, if that has been called, otherwise NIL.
 This value stored will be a cons cell, the first element
@@ -432,7 +447,7 @@
 data value is NIL, the combination had been explored, but no
 operations needed to be performed."))
-(defgeneric visit-component (operation component data)
+(defgeneric* visit-component (operation component data)
   (:documentation "Record DATA as being associated with OPERATION
 and COMPONENT.  This is a side-effecting function:  the association
 will be recorded on the ROOT OPERATION \(OPERATION-ANCESTOR of the
@@ -440,13 +455,16 @@
   No evidence that DATA is ever interesting, beyond just being
 non-NIL.  Using the data field is probably very risky; if there is
 already a record for OPERATION X COMPONENT, DATA will be quietly
-discarded instead of recorded."))
+discarded instead of recorded.
+  Starting with 2.006, TRAVERSE will store an integer in data,
+so that nodes can be sorted in decreasing order of traversal."))
-(defgeneric (setf visiting-component) (new-value operation component))
-(defgeneric component-visiting-p (operation component))
+(defgeneric* (setf visiting-component) (new-value operation component))
-(defgeneric component-depends-on (operation component)
+(defgeneric* component-visiting-p (operation component))
+(defgeneric* component-depends-on (operation component)
    "Returns a list of dependencies needed by the component to perform
     the operation.  A dependency has one of the following forms:
@@ -463,9 +481,9 @@
     should usually append the results of CALL-NEXT-METHOD to the
-(defgeneric component-self-dependencies (operation component))
+(defgeneric* component-self-dependencies (operation component))
-(defgeneric traverse (operation component)
+(defgeneric* traverse (operation component)
 "Generate and return a plan for performing OPERATION on COMPONENT.
@@ -498,13 +516,13 @@
 (defmacro aif (test then &optional else)
   `(let ((it ,test)) (if it ,then ,else)))
-(defun pathname-directory-pathname (pathname)
+(defun* pathname-directory-pathname (pathname)
   "Returns a new pathname with same HOST, DEVICE, DIRECTORY as PATHNAME,
 and NIL NAME, TYPE and VERSION components"
   (when pathname
     (make-pathname :name nil :type nil :version nil :defaults pathname)))
-(defun merge-pathnames* (specified &optional (defaults *default-pathname-defaults*))
+(defun* merge-pathnames* (specified &optional (defaults *default-pathname-defaults*))
   "MERGE-PATHNAMES* is like MERGE-PATHNAMES except that if the SPECIFIED pathname
 does not have an absolute directory, then the HOST and DEVICE come from the DEFAULTS.
 Also, if either argument is NIL, then the other argument is returned unmodified."
@@ -558,17 +576,17 @@
 (define-modify-macro orf (&rest args)
   or "or a flag")
-(defun first-char (s)
+(defun* first-char (s)
   (and (stringp s) (plusp (length s)) (char s 0)))
-(defun last-char (s)
+(defun* last-char (s)
   (and (stringp s) (plusp (length s)) (char s (1- (length s)))))
-(defun asdf-message (format-string &rest format-args)
+(defun* asdf-message (format-string &rest format-args)
   (declare (dynamic-extent format-args))
   (apply #'format *verbose-out* format-string format-args))
-(defun split-string (string &key max (separator '(#\Space #\Tab)))
+(defun* split-string (string &key max (separator '(#\Space #\Tab)))
   "Split STRING into a list of components separated by
 any of the characters in the sequence SEPARATOR.
 If MAX is specified, then no more than max(1,MAX) components will be returned,
@@ -588,7 +606,7 @@
           (incf words)
           (setf end start))))))
-(defun split-name-type (filename)
+(defun* split-name-type (filename)
   (let ((unspecific
          ;; Giving :unspecific as argument to make-pathname is not portable.
          ;; See CLHS make-pathname and
@@ -600,7 +618,7 @@
           (values filename unspecific)
           (values name type)))))
-(defun component-name-to-pathname-components (s &optional force-directory)
+(defun* component-name-to-pathname-components (s &optional force-directory)
   "Splits the path string S, returning three values:
 A flag that is either :absolute or :relative, indicating
    how the rest of the values are to be interpreted.
@@ -634,38 +652,30 @@
          (values relative (butlast components) last-comp))))))
-(defun remove-keys (key-names args)
+(defun* remove-keys (key-names args)
   (loop :for (name val) :on args :by #'cddr
     :unless (member (symbol-name name) key-names
                     :key #'symbol-name :test 'equal)
     :append (list name val)))
-(defun remove-keyword (key args)
+(defun* remove-keyword (key args)
   (loop :for (k v) :on args :by #'cddr
     :unless (eq k key)
     :append (list k v)))
-(defun getenv (x)
-  #+abcl
-  (ext:getenv x)
-  #+sbcl
-  (sb-ext:posix-getenv x)
-  #+clozure
-  (ccl:getenv x)
-  #+clisp
-  (ext:getenv x)
-  #+cmu
-  (cdr (assoc (intern x :keyword) ext:*environment-list*))
-  #+lispworks
-  (lispworks:environment-variable x)
-  #+allegro
-  (sys:getenv x)
-  #+gcl
-  (system:getenv x)
-  #+ecl
-  (si:getenv x))
+(defun* getenv (x)
+  (#+abcl ext:getenv
+   #+allegro sys:getenv
+   #+clisp ext:getenv
+   #+clozure ccl:getenv
+   #+(or cmu scl) (lambda (x) (cdr (assoc x ext:*environment-list* :test #'string=)))
+   #+ecl si:getenv
+   #+gcl system:getenv
+   #+lispworks lispworks:environment-variable
+   #+sbcl sb-ext:posix-getenv
+   x))
-(defun directory-pathname-p (pathname)
+(defun* directory-pathname-p (pathname)
   "Does PATHNAME represent a directory?
 A directory-pathname is a pathname _without_ a filename. The three
@@ -680,7 +690,7 @@
          (check-one (pathname-type pathname))
-(defun ensure-directory-pathname (pathspec)
+(defun* ensure-directory-pathname (pathspec)
   "Converts the non-wild pathname designator PATHSPEC to directory form."
    ((stringp pathspec)
@@ -698,10 +708,10 @@
                    :name nil :type nil :version nil
                    :defaults pathspec))))
-(defun absolute-pathname-p (pathspec)
-  (eq :absolute (car (pathname-directory (pathname pathspec)))))
+(defun* absolute-pathname-p (pathspec)
+  (and pathspec (eq :absolute (car (pathname-directory (pathname pathspec))))))
-(defun length=n-p (x n) ;is it that (= (length x) n) ?
+(defun* length=n-p (x n) ;is it that (= (length x) n) ?
   (check-type n (integer 0 *))
     :for l = x :then (cdr l)
@@ -710,14 +720,14 @@
       ((zerop i) (return (null l)))
       ((not (consp l)) (return nil)))))
-(defun ends-with (s suffix)
+(defun* ends-with (s suffix)
   (check-type s string)
   (check-type suffix string)
   (let ((start (- (length s) (length suffix))))
     (and (<= 0 start)
          (string-equal s suffix :start1 start))))
-(defun read-file-forms (file)
+(defun* read-file-forms (file)
   (with-open-file (in file)
     (loop :with eof = (list nil)
      :for form = (read in nil eof)
@@ -726,43 +736,52 @@
 #-(and (or win32 windows mswindows mingw32) (not cygwin))
-#+clisp (defun get-uid () (posix:uid))
-#+sbcl (defun get-uid () (sb-unix:unix-getuid))
-#+cmu (defun get-uid () (unix:unix-getuid))
-#+ecl #.(cl:and (cl:< ext:+ecl-version-number+ 100601)
-         '(ffi:clines "#include <sys/types.h>" "#include <unistd.h>"))
-#+ecl (defun get-uid ()
-        #.(cl:if (cl:< ext:+ecl-version-number+ 100601)
-            '(ffi:c-inline () () :int "getuid()" :one-liner t)
-            '(ext::getuid)))
-#+allegro (defun get-uid () (excl.osi:getuid))
-#-(or cmu sbcl clisp allegro ecl)
-(defun get-uid ()
-  (let ((uid-string
-         (with-output-to-string (*verbose-out*)
-           (run-shell-command "id -ur"))))
-    (with-input-from-string (stream uid-string)
-      (read-line stream)
-      (handler-case (parse-integer (read-line stream))
-        (error () (error "Unable to find out user ID")))))))
+  #+ecl #.(cl:and (cl:< ext:+ecl-version-number+ 100601)
+                  '(ffi:clines "#include <sys/types.h>" "#include <unistd.h>"))
+  (defun* get-uid ()
+    #+allegro (excl.osi:getuid)
+    #+clisp (posix:uid)
+    #+(or cmu scl) (unix:unix-getuid)
+    #+ecl #.(cl:if (cl:< ext:+ecl-version-number+ 100601)
+                   '(ffi:c-inline () () :int "getuid()" :one-liner t)
+                   '(ext::getuid))
+    #+sbcl (sb-unix:unix-getuid)
+    #-(or allegro clisp cmu ecl sbcl scl)
+    (let ((uid-string
+           (with-output-to-string (*verbose-out*)
+             (run-shell-command "id -ur"))))
+      (with-input-from-string (stream uid-string)
+        (read-line stream)
+        (handler-case (parse-integer (read-line stream))
+          (error () (error "Unable to find out user ID")))))))
-(defun pathname-root (pathname)
+(defun* pathname-root (pathname)
   (make-pathname :host (pathname-host pathname)
                  :device (pathname-device pathname)
                  :directory '(:absolute)
                  :name nil :type nil :version nil))
-(defun truenamize (p)
+(defun* probe-file* (p)
+  "when given a pathname P, probes the filesystem for a file or directory
+with given pathname and if it exists return its truename."
+  (and (pathnamep p) (not (wild-pathname-p p))
+       #+(or allegro clozure cmu ecl sbcl scl) (probe-file p)
+       #+clisp (ext:probe-pathname p)
+       #-(or allegro clisp clozure cmu ecl sbcl scl)
+       (ignore-errors (truename p))))
+(defun* truenamize (p)
   "Resolve as much of a pathname as possible"
   (block nil
     (when (typep p 'logical-pathname) (return p))
     (let* ((p (merge-pathnames* p))
            (directory (pathname-directory p)))
       (when (typep p 'logical-pathname) (return p))
-      (ignore-errors (return (truename p)))
+      (let ((found (probe-file* p)))
+        (when found (return found)))
       #-sbcl (when (stringp directory) (return p))
       (when (not (eq :absolute (car directory))) (return p))
-      (let ((sofar (ignore-errors (truename (pathname-root p)))))
+      (let ((sofar (probe-file* (pathname-root p))))
         (unless sofar (return p))
         (flet ((solution (directories)
@@ -774,35 +793,34 @@
           (loop :for component :in (cdr directory)
             :for rest :on (cdr directory)
-            :for more = (ignore-errors
-                          (truename
-                           (merge-pathnames*
-                            (make-pathname :directory `(:relative ,component))
-                            sofar))) :do
+            :for more = (probe-file*
+                         (merge-pathnames*
+                          (make-pathname :directory `(:relative ,component))
+                          sofar)) :do
             (if more
                 (setf sofar more)
                 (return (solution rest)))
             (return (solution nil))))))))
-(defun resolve-symlinks (path)
+(defun* resolve-symlinks (path)
   #-allegro (truenamize path)
   #+allegro (excl:pathname-resolve-symbolic-links path))
-(defun default-directory ()
+(defun* default-directory ()
   (truenamize (pathname-directory-pathname *default-pathname-defaults*)))
-(defun lispize-pathname (input-file)
+(defun* lispize-pathname (input-file)
   (make-pathname :type "lisp" :defaults input-file))
 (defparameter *wild-path*
   (make-pathname :directory '(:relative :wild-inferiors)
                  :name :wild :type :wild :version :wild))
-(defun wilden (path)
+(defun* wilden (path)
   (merge-pathnames* *wild-path* path))
-(defun directorize-pathname-host-device (pathname)
+(defun* directorize-pathname-host-device (pathname)
   (let* ((root (pathname-root pathname))
          (wild-root (wilden root))
          (absolute-pathname (merge-pathnames* pathname root))
@@ -858,7 +876,9 @@
                      (error-name c) (error-pathname c) (error-condition c)))))
 (define-condition circular-dependency (system-definition-error)
-  ((components :initarg :components :reader circular-dependency-components)))
+  ((components :initarg :components :reader circular-dependency-components))
+  (:report (lambda (c s)
+             (format s "~@<Circular dependency: ~S~@:>" (circular-dependency-components c)))))
 (define-condition duplicate-names (system-definition-error)
   ((name :initarg :name :reader duplicate-names-name))
@@ -897,6 +917,8 @@
    (in-order-to :initform nil :initarg :in-order-to
                 :accessor component-in-order-to)
    ;; This one is used by POIU. Maybe in the future by ASDF instead of in-order-to?
+   ;; POIU is a parallel (multi-process build) extension of ASDF.  See
+   ;; http://www.cliki.net/poiu
    (load-dependencies :accessor component-load-dependencies :initform nil)
    ;; XXX crap name, but it's an official API name!
    (do-first :initform nil :initarg :do-first
@@ -917,7 +939,7 @@
    (properties :accessor component-properties :initarg :properties
                :initform nil)))
-(defun component-find-path (component)
+(defun* component-find-path (component)
    (loop :for c = component :then (component-parent c)
      :while c :collect (component-name c))))
@@ -933,14 +955,14 @@
   (format s "~@<~A, required by ~A~@:>"
           (call-next-method c nil) (missing-required-by c)))
-(defun sysdef-error (format &rest arguments)
+(defun* sysdef-error (format &rest arguments)
   (error 'formatted-system-definition-error :format-control
          format :format-arguments arguments))
 ;;;; methods: components
 (defmethod print-object ((c missing-component) s)
-   (format s "~@<component ~S not found~
+  (format s "~@<component ~S not found~
              ~@[ in ~A~]~@:>"
           (missing-requires c)
           (when (missing-parent c)
@@ -949,10 +971,10 @@
 (defmethod print-object ((c missing-component-of-version) s)
   (format s "~@<component ~S does not match version ~A~
               ~@[ in ~A~]~@:>"
-           (missing-requires c)
-           (missing-version c)
-           (when (missing-parent c)
-             (component-name (missing-parent c)))))
+          (missing-requires c)
+          (missing-version c)
+          (when (missing-parent c)
+            (component-name (missing-parent c)))))
 (defmethod component-system ((component component))
   (aif (component-parent component)
@@ -961,7 +983,7 @@
 (defvar *default-component-class* 'cl-source-file)
-(defun compute-module-components-by-name (module)
+(defun* compute-module-components-by-name (module)
   (let ((hash (make-hash-table :test 'equal)))
     (setf (module-components-by-name module) hash)
     (loop :for c :in (module-components module)
@@ -991,7 +1013,7 @@
     :initarg :default-component-class
     :accessor module-default-component-class)))
-(defun component-parent-pathname (component)
+(defun* component-parent-pathname (component)
   ;; No default anymore (in particular, no *default-pathname-defaults*).
   ;; If you force component to have a NULL pathname, you better arrange
   ;; for any of its children to explicitly provide a proper absolute pathname
@@ -1008,7 +1030,8 @@
              (component-relative-pathname component)
              (pathname-directory-pathname (component-parent-pathname component)))))
         (unless (or (null pathname) (absolute-pathname-p pathname))
-          (error "Invalid relative pathname ~S for component ~S" pathname component))
+          (error "Invalid relative pathname ~S for component ~S"
+                 pathname (component-find-path component)))
         (setf (slot-value component 'absolute-pathname) pathname)
@@ -1059,7 +1082,7 @@
 ;;;; -------------------------------------------------------------------------
 ;;;; Finding systems
-(defun make-defined-systems-table ()
+(defun* make-defined-systems-table ()
   (make-hash-table :test 'equal))
 (defvar *defined-systems* (make-defined-systems-table)
@@ -1069,17 +1092,17 @@
 system definition was last updated, and the second element
 of which is a system object.")
-(defun coerce-name (name)
+(defun* coerce-name (name)
   (typecase name
     (component (component-name name))
     (symbol (string-downcase (symbol-name name)))
     (string name)
     (t (sysdef-error "~@<invalid component designator ~A~@:>" name))))
-(defun system-registered-p (name)
+(defun* system-registered-p (name)
   (gethash (coerce-name name) *defined-systems*))
-(defun clear-system (name)
+(defun* clear-system (name)
   "Clear the entry for a system in the database of systems previously loaded.
 Note that this does NOT in any way cause the code of the system to be unloaded."
   ;; There is no "unload" operation in Common Lisp, and a general such operation
@@ -1090,7 +1113,7 @@
   ;; that the system was loaded at some point.
   (setf (gethash (coerce-name name) *defined-systems*) nil))
-(defun map-systems (fn)
+(defun* map-systems (fn)
   "Apply FN to each defined system.
 FN should be a function of one argument. It will be
@@ -1108,7 +1131,7 @@
 (defparameter *system-definition-search-functions*
   '(sysdef-central-registry-search sysdef-source-registry-search sysdef-find-asdf))
-(defun system-definition-pathname (system)
+(defun* system-definition-pathname (system)
   (let ((system-name (coerce-name system)))
      (some (lambda (x) (funcall x system-name))
@@ -1132,7 +1155,7 @@
 Going forward, we recommend new users should be using the source-registry.
-(defun probe-asd (name defaults)
+(defun* probe-asd (name defaults)
   (block nil
     (when (directory-pathname-p defaults)
       (let ((file
@@ -1153,7 +1176,7 @@
             (when target
               (return (pathname target)))))))))
-(defun sysdef-central-registry-search (system)
+(defun* sysdef-central-registry-search (system)
   (let ((name (coerce-name system))
         (to-remove nil)
         (to-replace nil))
@@ -1195,7 +1218,7 @@
                           (list new)
                           (subseq *central-registry* (1+ position))))))))))
-(defun make-temporary-package ()
+(defun* make-temporary-package ()
   (flet ((try (counter)
              (make-package (format nil "~A~D" :asdf counter)
@@ -1204,7 +1227,7 @@
           (package (try counter) (try counter)))
          (package package))))
-(defun safe-file-write-date (pathname)
+(defun* safe-file-write-date (pathname)
   ;; If FILE-WRITE-DATE returns NIL, it's possible that
   ;; the user or some other agent has deleted an input file.
   ;; Also, generated files will not exist at the time planning is done
@@ -1215,15 +1238,17 @@
   ;; (or should we treat the case in a different, special way?)
   (or (and pathname (probe-file pathname) (file-write-date pathname))
-        (when pathname
+        (when (and pathname *asdf-verbose*)
           (warn "Missing FILE-WRITE-DATE for ~S: treating it as zero."
-(defun find-system (name &optional (error-p t))
+(defmethod find-system (name &optional (error-p t))
+  (find-system (coerce-name name) error-p))
+(defmethod find-system ((name string) &optional (error-p t))
   (catch 'find-system
-    (let* ((name (coerce-name name))
-           (in-memory (system-registered-p name))
+    (let* ((in-memory (system-registered-p name))
            (on-disk (system-definition-pathname name)))
       (when (and on-disk
                  (or (not in-memory)
@@ -1242,18 +1267,20 @@
                    (load on-disk)))
             (delete-package package))))
       (let ((in-memory (system-registered-p name)))
-        (if in-memory
-            (progn (when on-disk (setf (car in-memory)
-                                       (safe-file-write-date on-disk)))
-                   (cdr in-memory))
-            (when error-p (error 'missing-component :requires name)))))))
+        (cond
+          (in-memory
+           (when on-disk
+             (setf (car in-memory) (safe-file-write-date on-disk)))
+           (cdr in-memory))
+          (error-p
+           (error 'missing-component :requires name)))))))
-(defun register-system (name system)
+(defun* register-system (name system)
   (asdf-message "~&~@<; ~@;registering ~A as ~A~@:>~%" system name)
   (setf (gethash (coerce-name name) *defined-systems*)
         (cons (get-universal-time) system)))
-(defun sysdef-find-asdf (system)
+(defun* sysdef-find-asdf (system)
   (let ((name (coerce-name system)))
     (when (equal name "asdf")
       (let* ((registered (cdr (gethash name *defined-systems*)))
@@ -1319,7 +1346,7 @@
   (declare (ignorable s))
   (source-file-explicit-type component))
-(defun merge-component-name-type (name &key type defaults)
+(defun* merge-component-name-type (name &key type defaults)
   ;; The defaults are required notably because they provide the default host
   ;; to the below make-pathname, which may crucially matter to people using
   ;; merge-pathnames with non-default hosts,  e.g. for logical-pathnames.
@@ -1371,7 +1398,7 @@
    ;;   including other systems we depend on.
    ;;   to force systems named in a given list
-   ;;   (but this feature never worked before ASDF 1.700 and is cerror'ed out.)
+   ;; However, but this feature never worked before ASDF 1.700 and is currently cerror'ed out.
    (forced :initform nil :initarg :force :accessor operation-forced)
    (original-initargs :initform nil :initarg :original-initargs
                       :accessor operation-original-initargs)
@@ -1391,7 +1418,7 @@
   ;; empty method to disable initarg validity checking
-(defun node-for (o c)
+(defun* node-for (o c)
   (cons (class-name (class-of o)) c))
 (defmethod operation-ancestor ((operation operation))
@@ -1400,7 +1427,7 @@
-(defun make-sub-operation (c o dep-c dep-o)
+(defun* make-sub-operation (c o dep-c dep-o)
   "C is a component, O is an operation, DEP-C is another
 component, and DEP-O, confusingly enough, is an operation
 class specifier, not an operation."
@@ -1545,9 +1572,9 @@
   "This dynamically-bound variable is used to force operations in
 recursive calls to traverse.")
-(defgeneric do-traverse (operation component collect))
+(defgeneric* do-traverse (operation component collect))
-(defun %do-one-dep (operation c collect required-op required-c required-v)
+(defun* %do-one-dep (operation c collect required-op required-c required-v)
   ;; collects a partial plan that results from performing required-op
   ;; on required-c, possibly with a required-vERSION
   (let* ((dep-c (or (let ((d (find-component (component-parent c) required-c)))
@@ -1563,7 +1590,7 @@
          (op (make-sub-operation c operation dep-c required-op)))
     (do-traverse op dep-c collect)))
-(defun do-one-dep (operation c collect required-op required-c required-v)
+(defun* do-one-dep (operation c collect required-op required-c required-v)
   ;; this function is a thin, error-handling wrapper around
   ;; %do-one-dep.  Returns a partial plan per that function.
@@ -1573,7 +1600,7 @@
       (retry ()
         :report (lambda (s)
                   (format s "~@<Retry loading component ~S.~@:>"
-                          required-c))
+                          (component-find-path required-c)))
         (lambda (c)
@@ -1588,7 +1615,7 @@
                    (equalp (missing-requires c)
-(defun do-dep (operation c collect op dep)
+(defun* do-dep (operation c collect op dep)
   ;; type of arguments uncertain:
   ;; op seems to at least potentially be a symbol, rather than an operation
   ;; dep is a list of component names
@@ -1627,7 +1654,9 @@
                           (error "Bad dependency ~a.  Dependencies must be (:version <version>), (:feature <feature> [version]), or a name" d))))))
-(defun do-collect (collect x)
+(defvar *visit-count* 0) ; counter that allows to sort nodes from operation-visited-nodes
+(defun* do-collect (collect x)
   (funcall collect x))
 (defmethod do-traverse ((operation operation) (c component) collect)
@@ -1712,10 +1741,10 @@
                  (do-collect collect (vector module-ops))
                  (do-collect collect (cons operation c)))))
              (setf (visiting-component operation c) nil)))
-      (visit-component operation c flag)
+      (visit-component operation c (when flag (incf *visit-count*)))
-(defun flatten-tree (l)
+(defun* flatten-tree (l)
   ;; You collected things into a list.
   ;; Most elements are just things to collect again.
   ;; A (simple-vector 1) indicate that you should recurse into its contents.
@@ -1742,7 +1771,8 @@
           (mapcar #'coerce-name (operation-forced operation))))
    (while-collecting (collect)
-     (do-traverse operation c #'collect))))
+     (let ((*visit-count* 0))
+       (do-traverse operation c #'collect)))))
 (defmethod perform ((operation operation) (c source-file))
@@ -1755,7 +1785,10 @@
 (defmethod explain ((operation operation) (component component))
-  (asdf-message "~&;;; ~A on ~A~%" operation component))
+  (asdf-message "~&;;; ~A~%" (operation-description operation component)))
+(defmethod operation-description (operation component)
+  (format nil "~A on component ~S" (class-of operation) (component-find-path component)))
 ;;;; -------------------------------------------------------------------------
 ;;;; compile-op
@@ -1769,6 +1802,12 @@
    (flags :initarg :flags :accessor compile-op-flags
           :initform #-ecl nil #+ecl '(:system-p t))))
+(defun output-file (operation component)
+  "The unique output file of performing OPERATION on COMPONENT"
+  (let ((files (output-files operation component)))
+    (assert (length=n-p files 1))
+    (first files)))
 (defmethod perform :before ((operation compile-op) (c source-file))
   (map nil #'ensure-directories-exist (output-files operation c)))
@@ -1794,7 +1833,9 @@
 (defmethod perform ((operation compile-op) (c cl-source-file))
   (let ((source-file (component-pathname c))
-        (output-file (car (output-files operation c)))
+        ;; on some implementations, there are more than one output-file,
+        ;; but the first one should always be the primary fasl that gets loaded.
+        (output-file (first (output-files operation c)))
         (*compile-file-warnings-behaviour* (operation-on-warnings operation))
         (*compile-file-failure-behaviour* (operation-on-failure operation)))
     (multiple-value-bind (output warnings-p failure-p)
@@ -1837,6 +1878,9 @@
   (declare (ignorable operation c))
+(defmethod operation-description ((operation compile-op) component)
+  (declare (ignorable operation))
+  (format nil "compiling component ~S" (component-find-path component)))
 ;;;; -------------------------------------------------------------------------
 ;;;; load-op
@@ -1913,6 +1957,11 @@
   (cons (list 'compile-op (component-name c))
+(defmethod operation-description ((operation load-op) component)
+  (declare (ignorable operation))
+  (format nil "loading component ~S" (component-find-path component)))
 ;;;; -------------------------------------------------------------------------
 ;;;; load-source-op
@@ -1951,6 +2000,10 @@
              (component-property c 'last-loaded-as-source)))
       nil t))
+(defmethod operation-description ((operation load-source-op) component)
+  (declare (ignorable operation))
+  (format nil "loading component ~S" (component-find-path component)))
 ;;;; -------------------------------------------------------------------------
 ;;;; test-op
@@ -2000,21 +2053,20 @@
               (retry ()
                 (lambda (s)
-                  (format s "~@<Retry performing ~S on ~S.~@:>"
-                          op component)))
+                  (format s "~@<Retry ~A.~@:>" (operation-description op component))))
               (accept ()
                 (lambda (s)
-                  (format s "~@<Continue, treating ~S on ~S as ~
+                  (format s "~@<Continue, treating ~A as ~
                                    having been successful.~@:>"
-                          op component))
+                          (operation-description op component)))
                 (setf (gethash (type-of op)
                                (component-operation-times component))
-                (return)))))))
-    op))
+                (return))))))
+      (values op steps))))
-(defun oos (operation-class system &rest args &key force verbose version
+(defun* oos (operation-class system &rest args &key force verbose version
   (declare (ignore force verbose version))
   (apply #'operate operation-class system args))
@@ -2044,21 +2096,21 @@
   (setf (documentation 'operate 'function)
-(defun load-system (system &rest args &key force verbose version
+(defun* load-system (system &rest args &key force verbose version
   "Shorthand for `(operate 'asdf:load-op system)`. See OPERATE for
   (declare (ignore force verbose version))
   (apply #'operate 'load-op system args))
-(defun compile-system (system &rest args &key force verbose version
+(defun* compile-system (system &rest args &key force verbose version
   "Shorthand for `(operate 'asdf:compile-op system)`. See OPERATE
 for details."
   (declare (ignore force verbose version))
   (apply #'operate 'compile-op system args))
-(defun test-system (system &rest args &key force verbose version
+(defun* test-system (system &rest args &key force verbose version
   "Shorthand for `(operate 'asdf:test-op system)`. See OPERATE for
@@ -2068,13 +2120,13 @@
 ;;;; -------------------------------------------------------------------------
 ;;;; Defsystem
-(defun load-pathname ()
+(defun* load-pathname ()
   (let ((pn (or *load-pathname* *compile-file-pathname*)))
     (if *resolve-symlinks*
         (and pn (resolve-symlinks pn))
-(defun determine-system-pathname (pathname pathname-supplied-p)
+(defun* determine-system-pathname (pathname pathname-supplied-p)
   ;; The defsystem macro calls us to determine
   ;; the pathname of a system as follows:
   ;; 1. the one supplied,
@@ -2083,7 +2135,7 @@
   (let* ((file-pathname (load-pathname))
          (directory-pathname (and file-pathname (pathname-directory-pathname file-pathname))))
     (or (and pathname-supplied-p (merge-pathnames* pathname directory-pathname))
-        file-pathname
+        directory-pathname
 (defmacro defsystem (name &body options)
@@ -2114,7 +2166,7 @@
                ,(determine-system-pathname pathname pathname-arg-p)
-(defun class-for-type (parent type)
+(defun* class-for-type (parent type)
   (or (loop :for symbol :in (list
                              (unless (keywordp type) type)
                              (find-symbol (symbol-name type) *package*)
@@ -2127,7 +2179,7 @@
                (find-class *default-component-class*)))
       (sysdef-error "~@<don't recognize component type ~A~@:>" type)))
-(defun maybe-add-tree (tree op1 op2 c)
+(defun* maybe-add-tree (tree op1 op2 c)
   "Add the node C at /OP1/OP2 in TREE, unless it's there already.
 Returns the new tree (which probably shares structure with the old one)"
   (let ((first-op-tree (assoc op1 tree)))
@@ -2142,7 +2194,7 @@
         (acons op1 (list (list op2 c)) tree))))
-(defun union-of-dependencies (&rest deps)
+(defun* union-of-dependencies (&rest deps)
   (let ((new-tree nil))
     (dolist (dep deps)
       (dolist (op-tree dep)
@@ -2155,12 +2207,12 @@
 (defvar *serial-depends-on* nil)
-(defun sysdef-error-component (msg type name value)
+(defun* sysdef-error-component (msg type name value)
   (sysdef-error (concatenate 'string msg
                              "~&The value specified for ~(~A~) ~A is ~S")
                 type name value))
-(defun check-component-input (type name weakly-depends-on
+(defun* check-component-input (type name weakly-depends-on
                               depends-on components in-order-to)
   "A partial test of the values of a component."
   (unless (listp depends-on)
@@ -2176,7 +2228,7 @@
     (sysdef-error-component ":in-order-to must be NIL or a list of components."
                             type name in-order-to)))
-(defun %remove-component-inline-methods (component)
+(defun* %remove-component-inline-methods (component)
   (dolist (name +asdf-methods+)
     (map ()
          ;; this is inefficient as most of the stored
@@ -2188,7 +2240,7 @@
   ;; clear methods, then add the new ones
   (setf (component-inline-methods component) nil))
-(defun %define-component-inline-methods (ret rest)
+(defun* %define-component-inline-methods (ret rest)
   (dolist (name +asdf-methods+)
     (let ((keyword (intern (symbol-name name) :keyword)))
       (loop :for data = rest :then (cddr data)
@@ -2202,11 +2254,11 @@
                              , at body))
            (component-inline-methods ret)))))))
-(defun %refresh-component-inline-methods (component rest)
+(defun* %refresh-component-inline-methods (component rest)
   (%remove-component-inline-methods component)
   (%define-component-inline-methods component rest))
-(defun parse-component-form (parent options)
+(defun* parse-component-form (parent options)
         (type name &rest rest &key
               ;; the following list of keywords is reproduced below in the
@@ -2287,7 +2339,7 @@
 ;;;; it, and even after it's been deprecated, we will support it for a few
 ;;;; years so everyone has time to migrate away from it. -- fare 2009-12-01
-(defun run-shell-command (control-string &rest args)
+(defun* run-shell-command (control-string &rest args)
   "Interpolate ARGS into CONTROL-STRING as if by FORMAT, and
 synchronously execute the result using a Bourne-compatible shell, with
 output to *VERBOSE-OUT*.  Returns the shell's exit code."
@@ -2359,7 +2411,7 @@
 (defmethod system-source-file ((system-name symbol))
   (system-source-file (find-system system-name)))
-(defun system-source-directory (system-designator)
+(defun* system-source-directory (system-designator)
   "Return a pathname object corresponding to the
 directory in which the system specification (.asd file) is
@@ -2367,7 +2419,7 @@
                  :type nil
                  :defaults (system-source-file system-designator)))
-(defun relativize-directory (directory)
+(defun* relativize-directory (directory)
     ((stringp directory)
      (list :relative directory))
@@ -2376,13 +2428,13 @@
-(defun relativize-pathname-directory (pathspec)
+(defun* relativize-pathname-directory (pathspec)
   (let ((p (pathname pathspec)))
      :directory (relativize-directory (pathname-directory p))
      :defaults p)))
-(defun system-relative-pathname (system name &key type)
+(defun* system-relative-pathname (system name &key type)
    (merge-component-name-type name :type type)
    (system-source-directory system)))
@@ -2413,7 +2465,7 @@
     :java-1.4 :java-1.5 :java-1.6 :java-1.7))
-(defun lisp-version-string ()
+(defun* lisp-version-string ()
   (let ((s (lisp-implementation-version)))
     (declare (ignorable s))
     #+allegro (format nil
@@ -2448,7 +2500,7 @@
     #-(or allegro armedbear clisp clozure cmu cormanlisp digitool
           ecl gcl lispworks mcl sbcl scl) s))
-(defun first-feature (features)
+(defun* first-feature (features)
       ((fp (thing)
          (etypecase thing
@@ -2464,10 +2516,10 @@
     (loop :for f :in features
       :when (fp f) :return :it)))
-(defun implementation-type ()
+(defun* implementation-type ()
   (first-feature *implementation-features*))
-(defun implementation-identifier ()
+(defun* implementation-identifier ()
       ((maybe-warn (value fstring &rest args)
          (cond (value)
@@ -2497,16 +2549,16 @@
   #+(or unix cygwin) #\:
   #-(or unix cygwin) #\;)
-(defun user-homedir ()
+(defun* user-homedir ()
   (truename (user-homedir-pathname)))
-(defun try-directory-subpath (x sub &key type)
+(defun* try-directory-subpath (x sub &key type)
   (let* ((p (and x (ensure-directory-pathname x)))
-         (tp (and p (ignore-errors (truename p))))
+         (tp (and p (probe-file* p)))
          (sp (and tp (merge-pathnames* (merge-component-name-type sub :type type) p)))
-         (ts (and sp (ignore-errors (truename sp)))))
+         (ts (and sp (probe-file* sp))))
     (and ts (values sp ts))))
-(defun user-configuration-directories ()
+(defun* user-configuration-directories ()
    (flet ((try (x sub) (try-directory-subpath x sub :type :directory)))
@@ -2519,7 +2571,7 @@
             ;;; read-windows-registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders\AppData
            ,(try (getenv "APPDATA") "common-lisp/config/"))
        ,(try (user-homedir) ".config/common-lisp/")))))
-(defun system-configuration-directories ()
+(defun* system-configuration-directories ()
@@ -2529,21 +2581,20 @@
            ;;; read-windows-registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders\Common AppData
         ,(try (getenv "ALLUSERSPROFILE") "Application Data/common-lisp/config/"))))
     (list #p"/etc/common-lisp/"))))
-(defun in-first-directory (dirs x)
+(defun* in-first-directory (dirs x)
   (loop :for dir :in dirs
-    :thereis (and dir (ignore-errors
-                        (truename (merge-pathnames* x (ensure-directory-pathname dir)))))))
-(defun in-user-configuration-directory (x)
+    :thereis (and dir (probe-file* (merge-pathnames* x (ensure-directory-pathname dir))))))
+(defun* in-user-configuration-directory (x)
   (in-first-directory (user-configuration-directories) x))
-(defun in-system-configuration-directory (x)
+(defun* in-system-configuration-directory (x)
   (in-first-directory (system-configuration-directories) x))
-(defun configuration-inheritance-directive-p (x)
+(defun* configuration-inheritance-directive-p (x)
   (let ((kw '(:inherit-configuration :ignore-inherited-configuration)))
     (or (member x kw)
         (and (length=n-p x 1) (member (car x) kw)))))
-(defun validate-configuration-form (form tag directive-validator
+(defun* validate-configuration-form (form tag directive-validator
                                     &optional (description tag))
   (unless (and (consp form) (eq (car form) tag))
     (error "Error: Form doesn't specify ~A ~S~%" description form))
@@ -2558,16 +2609,16 @@
              :inherit-configuration :ignore-inherited-configuration)))
-(defun validate-configuration-file (file validator description)
+(defun* validate-configuration-file (file validator description)
   (let ((forms (read-file-forms file)))
     (unless (length=n-p forms 1)
       (error "One and only one form allowed for ~A. Got: ~S~%" description forms))
     (funcall validator (car forms))))
-(defun hidden-file-p (pathname)
+(defun* hidden-file-p (pathname)
   (equal (first-char (pathname-name pathname)) #\.))
-(defun validate-configuration-directory (directory tag validator)
+(defun* validate-configuration-directory (directory tag validator)
   (let ((files (sort (ignore-errors
@@ -2605,10 +2656,10 @@
   ;; with other users messing with such directories.
-(defun output-translations ()
+(defun* output-translations ()
   (car *output-translations*))
-(defun (setf output-translations) (new-value)
+(defun* (setf output-translations) (new-value)
   (setf *output-translations*
          (stable-sort (copy-list new-value) #'>
@@ -2619,10 +2670,10 @@
                                 (length (pathname-directory (car x)))))))))
-(defun output-translations-initialized-p ()
+(defun* output-translations-initialized-p ()
   (and *output-translations* t))
-(defun clear-output-translations ()
+(defun* clear-output-translations ()
   "Undoes any initialization of the output translations.
 You might want to call that before you dump an image that would be resumed
 with a different configuration, so the configuration would be re-read then."
@@ -2633,11 +2684,10 @@
   (make-pathname :directory '(:relative :wild-inferiors)
                  :name :wild :type "asd" :version :newest))
-(declaim (ftype (function (t &optional boolean) (or null pathname))
+(declaim (ftype (function (t &optional boolean) (values (or null pathname) &optional))
-(defun resolve-relative-location-component (super x &optional wildenp)
+(defun* resolve-relative-location-component (super x &optional wildenp)
   (let* ((r (etypecase x
               (pathname x)
               (string x)
@@ -2662,7 +2712,7 @@
       (error "pathname ~S is not relative to ~S" s super))
     (merge-pathnames* s super)))
-(defun resolve-absolute-location-component (x wildenp)
+(defun* resolve-absolute-location-component (x wildenp)
   (let* ((r
           (etypecase x
             (pathname x)
@@ -2690,7 +2740,7 @@
       (error "Not an absolute pathname ~S" s))
-(defun resolve-location (x &optional wildenp)
+(defun* resolve-location (x &optional wildenp)
   (if (atom x)
       (resolve-absolute-location-component x wildenp)
       (loop :with path = (resolve-absolute-location-component (car x) nil)
@@ -2699,11 +2749,11 @@
                         path component (and wildenp (not morep))))
         :finally (return path))))
-(defun location-designator-p (x)
+(defun* location-designator-p (x)
   (flet ((componentp (c) (typep c '(or string pathname keyword))))
     (or (typep x 'boolean) (componentp x) (and (consp x) (every #'componentp x)))))
-(defun location-function-p (x)
+(defun* location-function-p (x)
    (consp x)
    (length=n-p x 2)
@@ -2713,7 +2763,7 @@
             (cddr x)
             (length=n-p (second x) 2)))))
-(defun validate-output-translations-directive (directive)
+(defun* validate-output-translations-directive (directive)
       (or (member directive '(:inherit-configuration
@@ -2730,22 +2780,22 @@
     (error "Invalid directive ~S~%" directive))
-(defun validate-output-translations-form (form)
+(defun* validate-output-translations-form (form)
    "output translations"))
-(defun validate-output-translations-file (file)
+(defun* validate-output-translations-file (file)
    file 'validate-output-translations-form "output translations"))
-(defun validate-output-translations-directory (directory)
+(defun* validate-output-translations-directory (directory)
    directory :output-translations 'validate-output-translations-directive))
-(defun parse-output-translations-string (string)
+(defun* parse-output-translations-string (string)
     ((or (null string) (equal string ""))
      '(:output-translations :inherit-configuration))
@@ -2790,7 +2840,7 @@
-(defun wrapping-output-translations ()
+(defun* wrapping-output-translations ()
     ;; Some implementations have precompiled ASDF systems,
     ;; so we must disable translations for implementation paths.
@@ -2808,18 +2858,18 @@
 (defparameter *output-translations-file* #p"asdf-output-translations.conf")
 (defparameter *output-translations-directory* #p"asdf-output-translations.conf.d/")
-(defun user-output-translations-pathname ()
+(defun* user-output-translations-pathname ()
   (in-user-configuration-directory *output-translations-file* ))
-(defun system-output-translations-pathname ()
+(defun* system-output-translations-pathname ()
   (in-system-configuration-directory *output-translations-file*))
-(defun user-output-translations-directory-pathname ()
+(defun* user-output-translations-directory-pathname ()
   (in-user-configuration-directory *output-translations-directory*))
-(defun system-output-translations-directory-pathname ()
+(defun* system-output-translations-directory-pathname ()
   (in-system-configuration-directory *output-translations-directory*))
-(defun environment-output-translations ()
+(defun* environment-output-translations ()
-(defgeneric process-output-translations (spec &key inherit collect))
+(defgeneric* process-output-translations (spec &key inherit collect))
 (declaim (ftype (function (t &key (:collect (or symbol function))) t)
 (declaim (ftype (function (t &key (:collect (or symbol function)) (:inherit list)) t)
@@ -2849,11 +2899,11 @@
   (dolist (directive (cdr (validate-output-translations-form form)))
     (process-output-translations-directive directive :inherit inherit :collect collect)))
-(defun inherit-output-translations (inherit &key collect)
+(defun* inherit-output-translations (inherit &key collect)
   (when inherit
     (process-output-translations (first inherit) :collect collect :inherit (rest inherit))))
-(defun process-output-translations-directive (directive &key inherit collect)
+(defun* process-output-translations-directive (directive &key inherit collect)
   (if (atom directive)
       (ecase directive
@@ -2891,7 +2941,7 @@
                      (funcall collect (list wilddst t))
                      (funcall collect (list trusrc trudst)))))))))))
-(defun compute-output-translations (&optional parameter)
+(defun* compute-output-translations (&optional parameter)
   "read the configuration, return it"
    (while-collecting (c)
@@ -2899,12 +2949,12 @@
       `(wrapping-output-translations ,parameter ,@*default-output-translations*) :collect #'c))
    :test 'equal :from-end t))
-(defun initialize-output-translations (&optional parameter)
+(defun* initialize-output-translations (&optional parameter)
   "read the configuration, initialize the internal configuration variable,
 return the configuration"
   (setf (output-translations) (compute-output-translations parameter)))
-(defun disable-output-translations ()
+(defun* disable-output-translations ()
   "Initialize output translations in a way that maps every file to itself,
 effectively disabling the output translation facility."
@@ -2914,12 +2964,28 @@
 ;; or cleared. In the former case, return current configuration; in
 ;; the latter, initialize.  ASDF will call this function at the start
 ;; of (asdf:find-system).
-(defun ensure-output-translations ()
+(defun* ensure-output-translations ()
   (if (output-translations-initialized-p)
-(defun apply-output-translations (path)
+(defun* translate-pathname* (path absolute-source destination &optional root source)
+  (declare (ignore source))
+  (cond
+    ((functionp destination)
+     (funcall destination path absolute-source))
+    ((eq destination t)
+     path)
+    ((not (pathnamep destination))
+     (error "invalid destination"))
+    ((not (absolute-pathname-p destination))
+     (translate-pathname path absolute-source (merge-pathnames* destination root)))
+    (root
+     (translate-pathname (directorize-pathname-host-device path) absolute-source destination))
+    (t
+     (translate-pathname path absolute-source destination))))
+(defun* apply-output-translations (path)
   (etypecase path
@@ -2936,20 +3002,7 @@
                                 (root (merge-pathnames* source root))
                                 (t source))
        :when (or (eq source t) (pathname-match-p p absolute-source))
-       :return
-       (cond
-         ((functionp destination)
-          (funcall destination p absolute-source))
-         ((eq destination t)
-          p)
-         ((not (pathnamep destination))
-          (error "invalid destination"))
-         ((not (absolute-pathname-p destination))
-          (translate-pathname p absolute-source (merge-pathnames* destination root)))
-         (root
-          (translate-pathname (directorize-pathname-host-device p) absolute-source destination))
-         (t
-          (translate-pathname p absolute-source destination)))
+       :return (translate-pathname* p absolute-source destination root source)
        :finally (return p)))))
 (defmethod output-files :around (operation component)
@@ -2962,23 +3015,23 @@
          (mapcar #'apply-output-translations files)))
-(defun compile-file-pathname* (input-file &rest keys &key output-file &allow-other-keys)
+(defun* compile-file-pathname* (input-file &rest keys &key output-file &allow-other-keys)
   (or output-file
        (apply 'compile-file-pathname
               (truenamize (lispize-pathname input-file))
-(defun tmpize-pathname (x)
+(defun* tmpize-pathname (x)
    :name (format nil "ASDF-TMP-~A" (pathname-name x))
    :defaults x))
-(defun delete-file-if-exists (x)
+(defun* delete-file-if-exists (x)
   (when (and x (probe-file x))
     (delete-file x)))
-(defun compile-file* (input-file &rest keys &key &allow-other-keys)
+(defun* compile-file* (input-file &rest keys &key &allow-other-keys)
   (let* ((output-file (apply 'compile-file-pathname* input-file keys))
          (tmp-file (tmpize-pathname output-file))
          (status :error))
@@ -3003,7 +3056,7 @@
       (values output-truename warnings-p failure-p))))
-(defun translate-jar-pathname (source wildcard)
+(defun* translate-jar-pathname (source wildcard)
   (declare (ignore wildcard))
   (let* ((p (pathname (first (pathname-device source))))
          (root (format nil "/___jar___file___root___/~@[~A/~]"
@@ -3019,7 +3072,7 @@
 ;;;; -----------------------------------------------------------------
 ;;;; Compatibility mode for ASDF-Binary-Locations
-(defun enable-asdf-binary-locations-compatibility
+(defun* enable-asdf-binary-locations-compatibility
      (centralize-lisp-binaries nil)
@@ -3058,18 +3111,18 @@
 (defparameter *link-initial-dword* 76)
 (defparameter *link-guid* #(1 20 2 0 0 0 0 0 192 0 0 0 0 0 0 70))
-(defun read-null-terminated-string (s)
+(defun* read-null-terminated-string (s)
   (with-output-to-string (out)
     (loop :for code = (read-byte s)
       :until (zerop code)
       :do (write-char (code-char code) out))))
-(defun read-little-endian (s &optional (bytes 4))
+(defun* read-little-endian (s &optional (bytes 4))
     :for i :from 0 :below bytes
     :sum (ash (read-byte s) (* 8 i))))
-(defun parse-file-location-info (s)
+(defun* parse-file-location-info (s)
   (let ((start (file-position s))
         (total-length (read-little-endian s))
         (end-of-header (read-little-endian s))
@@ -3093,7 +3146,7 @@
           (file-position s (+ start remaining-offset))
           (read-null-terminated-string s))))))
-(defun parse-windows-shortcut (pathname)
+(defun* parse-windows-shortcut (pathname)
   (with-open-file (s pathname :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))
         (when (and (= (read-little-endian s) *link-initial-dword*)
@@ -3131,7 +3184,8 @@
 (defvar *default-source-registry-exclusions*
   '(".bzr" ".cdv" "~.dep" "~.dot" "~.nib" "~.plst"
     ".git" ".hg" ".pc" ".svn" "CVS" "RCS" "SCCS" "_darcs"
-    "_sgbak" "autom4te.cache" "cover_db" "_build"))
+    "_sgbak" "autom4te.cache" "cover_db" "_build"
+    "debian")) ;; debian often build stuff under the debian directory... BAD.
 (defvar *source-registry-exclusions* *default-source-registry-exclusions*)
@@ -3139,24 +3193,24 @@
   "Either NIL (for uninitialized), or a list of one element,
 said element itself being a list of directory pathnames where to look for .asd files")
-(defun source-registry ()
+(defun* source-registry ()
   (car *source-registry*))
-(defun (setf source-registry) (new-value)
+(defun* (setf source-registry) (new-value)
   (setf *source-registry* (list new-value))
-(defun source-registry-initialized-p ()
+(defun* source-registry-initialized-p ()
   (and *source-registry* t))
-(defun clear-source-registry ()
+(defun* clear-source-registry ()
   "Undoes any initialization of the source registry.
 You might want to call that before you dump an image that would be resumed
 with a different configuration, so the configuration would be re-read then."
   (setf *source-registry* '())
-(defun validate-source-registry-directive (directive)
+(defun* validate-source-registry-directive (directive)
       (or (member directive '(:default-registry (:default-registry)) :test 'equal)
           (destructuring-bind (kw &rest rest) directive
@@ -3170,19 +3224,19 @@
     (error "Invalid directive ~S~%" directive))
-(defun validate-source-registry-form (form)
+(defun* validate-source-registry-form (form)
    form :source-registry 'validate-source-registry-directive "a source registry"))
-(defun validate-source-registry-file (file)
+(defun* validate-source-registry-file (file)
    file 'validate-source-registry-form "a source registry"))
-(defun validate-source-registry-directory (directory)
+(defun* validate-source-registry-directory (directory)
    directory :source-registry 'validate-source-registry-directive))
-(defun parse-source-registry-string (string)
+(defun* parse-source-registry-string (string)
     ((or (null string) (equal string ""))
      '(:source-registry :inherit-configuration))
@@ -3216,7 +3270,7 @@
              (push '(:ignore-inherited-configuration) directives))
            (return `(:source-registry ,@(nreverse directives))))))))))
-(defun register-asd-directory (directory &key recurse exclude collect)
+(defun* register-asd-directory (directory &key recurse exclude collect)
   (if (not recurse)
       (funcall collect directory)
       (let* ((files
@@ -3247,12 +3301,12 @@
 (defparameter *source-registry-file* #p"source-registry.conf")
 (defparameter *source-registry-directory* #p"source-registry.conf.d/")
-(defun wrapping-source-registry ()
+(defun* wrapping-source-registry ()
     #+sbcl (:tree ,(getenv "SBCL_HOME"))
     #+cmu (:tree #p"modules:")))
-(defun default-source-registry ()
+(defun* default-source-registry ()
   (flet ((try (x sub) (try-directory-subpath x sub :type :directory)))
       #+sbcl (:directory ,(merge-pathnames* ".sbcl/systems/" (user-homedir)))
@@ -3278,18 +3332,18 @@
            :collect `(:directory ,(try dir "common-lisp/systems/"))
            :collect `(:tree ,(try dir "common-lisp/source/"))))
-(defun user-source-registry ()
+(defun* user-source-registry ()
   (in-user-configuration-directory *source-registry-file*))
-(defun system-source-registry ()
+(defun* system-source-registry ()
   (in-system-configuration-directory *source-registry-file*))
-(defun user-source-registry-directory ()
+(defun* user-source-registry-directory ()
   (in-user-configuration-directory *source-registry-directory*))
-(defun system-source-registry-directory ()
+(defun* system-source-registry-directory ()
   (in-system-configuration-directory *source-registry-directory*))
-(defun environment-source-registry ()
+(defun* environment-source-registry ()
   (getenv "CL_SOURCE_REGISTRY"))
-(defgeneric process-source-registry (spec &key inherit register))
+(defgeneric* process-source-registry (spec &key inherit register))
 (declaim (ftype (function (t &key (:register (or symbol function))) t)
 (declaim (ftype (function (t &key (:register (or symbol function)) (:inherit list)) t)
@@ -3318,11 +3372,11 @@
     (dolist (directive (cdr (validate-source-registry-form form)))
       (process-source-registry-directive directive :inherit inherit :register register))))
-(defun inherit-source-registry (inherit &key register)
+(defun* inherit-source-registry (inherit &key register)
   (when inherit
     (process-source-registry (first inherit) :register register :inherit (rest inherit))))
-(defun process-source-registry-directive (directive &key inherit register)
+(defun* process-source-registry-directive (directive &key inherit register)
   (destructuring-bind (kw &rest rest) (if (consp directive) directive (list directive))
     (ecase kw
@@ -3348,7 +3402,7 @@
-(defun flatten-source-registry (&optional parameter)
+(defun* flatten-source-registry (&optional parameter)
    (while-collecting (collect)
@@ -3361,7 +3415,7 @@
 ;; Will read the configuration and initialize all internal variables,
 ;; and return the new configuration.
-(defun compute-source-registry (&optional parameter)
+(defun* compute-source-registry (&optional parameter)
   (while-collecting (collect)
     (dolist (entry (flatten-source-registry parameter))
       (destructuring-bind (directory &key recurse exclude) entry
@@ -3369,7 +3423,7 @@
          :recurse recurse :exclude exclude :collect #'collect)))))
-(defun initialize-source-registry (&optional parameter)
+(defun* initialize-source-registry (&optional parameter)
   (setf (source-registry) (compute-source-registry parameter)))
 ;; Checks an initial variable to see whether the state is initialized
@@ -3380,41 +3434,49 @@
 ;; will be too late to provide a parameter to this function, though
 ;; you may override the configuration explicitly by calling
 ;; initialize-source-registry directly with your parameter.
-(defun ensure-source-registry (&optional parameter)
+(defun* ensure-source-registry (&optional parameter)
   (if (source-registry-initialized-p)
       (initialize-source-registry parameter)))
-(defun sysdef-source-registry-search (system)
+(defun* sysdef-source-registry-search (system)
   (loop :with name = (coerce-name system)
     :for defaults :in (source-registry)
     :for file = (probe-asd name defaults)
     :when file :return file))
+(defun* clear-configuration ()
+  (clear-source-registry)
+  (clear-output-translations))
 ;;;; -----------------------------------------------------------------
 ;;;; Hook into REQUIRE for ABCL, ClozureCL, CMUCL, ECL and SBCL
-#+(or abcl clozure cmu ecl sbcl)
-  (defun module-provide-asdf (name)
-    (handler-bind
-        ((style-warning #'muffle-warning)
-         (missing-component (constantly nil))
-         (error (lambda (e)
-                  (format *error-output* "ASDF could not load ~(~A~) because ~A.~%"
-                          name e))))
-      (let* ((*verbose-out* (make-broadcast-stream))
-             (system (find-system (string-downcase name) nil)))
-        (when system
-          (load-system system)
-          t))))
-  (pushnew 'module-provide-asdf
-           #+abcl sys::*module-provider-functions*
-           #+clozure ccl:*module-provider-functions*
-           #+cmu ext:*module-provider-functions*
-           #+ecl si:*module-provider-functions*
-           #+sbcl sb-ext:*module-provider-functions*))
+(defun* module-provide-asdf (name)
+  (handler-bind
+      ((style-warning #'muffle-warning)
+       (missing-component (constantly nil))
+       (error (lambda (e)
+                (format *error-output* "ASDF could not load ~(~A~) because ~A.~%"
+                        name e))))
+    (let* ((*verbose-out* (make-broadcast-stream))
+           (system (find-system (string-downcase name) nil)))
+      (when system
+        (load-system system)
+        t))))
+#+(or abcl clisp clozure cmu ecl sbcl)
+(let ((x (and #+clisp (find-symbol "*MODULE-PROVIDER-FUNCTIONS*" :custom))))
+  (when x
+    (eval `(pushnew 'module-provide-asdf
+            #+abcl sys::*module-provider-functions*
+            #+clisp ,x
+            #+clozure ccl:*module-provider-functions*
+            #+cmu ext:*module-provider-functions*
+            #+ecl si:*module-provider-functions*
+            #+sbcl sb-ext:*module-provider-functions*))))
 ;;;; -------------------------------------------------------------------------
 ;;;; Cleanups after hot-upgrade.

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