[cltl3-devel] RFC: CLtL3 Charter

Drew Crampsie drewc at tech.coop
Mon Aug 31 19:57:10 UTC 2009

Hello all,

Below is a draft of the charter for the CLtL3 project. Please comment
as you see fit.



Purposes of the CLtL3 effort. SECOND DRAFT - 2009-08-31 -

1) The CLtL3 group wishes to create an updated description of Common
  Lisp.  It should codify existing practice and provide additional
  features to facilitate portability of code among diverse

2) The group intends the description to be a base for a larger "standard
  library" of code. The focus of the effort will be to provide
  library authors with a stable and portable lisp on which to build
  an evolving distribution that meets the ever changing needs of
  modern developers.

3) The group will begin with ANSI Common Lisp as described in the
  _Common Lisp Hyperspec_. All possible effort will be made to ensure
  source compatibility. The group does not intend to remove any
  functionality from the language, and will only deprecate features
  that are superseded by those in CLtL3.

4) The group will address the following topics in the course of
  producing the description. Preference will be given to topics that
  cannot be implemented portably and have multiple existing

  (a) Repairing mistakes, ambiguities, and minor ommissions
      in ANSI Common Lisp
  (b) Extensions outlined in the CDR (including the MOP)
  (c) Multiprocessing and Concurrency
  (d) Foreign Function Interfaces
  (e) Extensible Streams
  (f) Extensible Sequences
  (g) Networking
  (h) OS and Filesystem access
  (i) Editing and Introspection

5) The CLtL3 effort will be a community effort.Discussion will take
  place on public forums. Any source code or documents produced will
  be placed under a permissive open source license that also allows
  commercial use and redistribution.

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