[closure-cvs] CVS update: cxml/dom/dom-impl.lisp

David Lichteblau dlichteblau at common-lisp.net
Fri Mar 25 18:16:56 UTC 2005

Update of /project/cxml/cvsroot/cxml/dom
In directory common-lisp.net:/tmp/cvs-serv9430/dom

Modified Files:
Log Message:
- Moved utility functions from the "runes" package to the "cxml" package to
  avoid name conflicts with functions from "glisp" of the same name.
- Renamed defsubst to definline for the same reason.

(This is a commit to the cxml repository, not the main closure repository.
If you don't want cxml commit messages on the closure list, please complain
to me and I'll change it.)

Date: Fri Mar 25 19:16:42 2005
Author: dlichteblau

Index: cxml/dom/dom-impl.lisp
diff -u cxml/dom/dom-impl.lisp: cxml/dom/dom-impl.lisp:1.2
--- cxml/dom/dom-impl.lisp:	Sun Mar 13 19:02:51 2005
+++ cxml/dom/dom-impl.lisp	Fri Mar 25 19:16:30 2005
@@ -698,7 +698,7 @@
     (with-slots (children owner) node
       ;; remove children, add new TEXT-NODE child
       ;; (alas, we must not reuse an old TEXT-NODE)
-      (while (plusp (length children))
+      (cxml::while (plusp (length children))
         (dom:remove-child node (dom:last-child node)))
       (dom:append-child node (dom:create-text-node owner rod))))
@@ -819,7 +819,7 @@
                    (i 0)
                    (previous nil))
                ;; careful here, we're modifying the array we are iterating over
-               (while (< i (length children))
+               (cxml::while (< i (length children))
                  (let ((child (elt children i)))
                      ((not (eq (dom:node-type child) :text))

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