[closure-cvs] CVS update: closure/closure.asd

Christophe Rhodes crhodes at common-lisp.net
Thu Aug 25 15:14:15 UTC 2005

Update of /project/closure/cvsroot/closure
In directory common-lisp.net:/tmp/cvs-serv3854

Modified Files:
Log Message:
OpenMCL support (from Dave Murray aka JQS)

Date: Thu Aug 25 17:14:12 2005
Author: crhodes

Index: closure/closure.asd
diff -u closure/closure.asd:1.5 closure/closure.asd:1.6
--- closure/closure.asd:1.5	Mon Jun 13 12:14:22 2005
+++ closure/closure.asd	Thu Aug 25 17:14:11 2005
@@ -70,7 +70,8 @@
 	    #+(AND ALLEGRO ALLEGRO-V5.0)        "dep-acl5"
 	    #+(AND ALLEGRO (NOT ALLEGRO-V5.0))  "dep-acl"
 	    #+GCL                               "dep-gcl"
-	    #-(OR sbcl CLISP CMU ALLEGRO GCL) #.(error "Configure!"))
+	    #+OPENMCL                           "dep-openmcl"
+	    #-(OR sbcl CLISP CMU ALLEGRO GCL OPENMCL) #.(error "Configure!"))
      (:file "package"
 	    :depends-on (dependent))
      (:file "runes"

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