Mastodon Server?

Mark Evenson evenson at
Mon Nov 21 15:21:05 UTC 2022

> On Nov 14, 2022, at 22:07, Clint Moore <clint at> wrote:
>> What do you need from the CLF for such a service?
>  An A or CNAME record.
>> What sort of CNAME would you want?
>  I'd probably let the community decide the name, though
> mastodon|fediverse| come to mind.  I can be pretty
> bad at naming things though, so I'm all ears for suggestions.
>  An example of what I'd run is at - I set it up this past
> weekend thinking that there was no interest from the CLF collectively.
> I still haven't changed much of the design and am absolutely open to
> suggestions about the design, graphics, etc.


We’d be happy to give ya use of any name you want in * <>.  Probably best to do with A/AAAA records as I don’t think one can actually CNAME “across domains”.  

I’ve been a bit under the weather the past week, but should be better now.  


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