Discourse Requirements

Mark Evenson evenson at panix.com
Sat Jun 18 16:23:15 UTC 2022

> On Jun 18, 2022, at 18:11, Chris Moore <moore.christopher515 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey Mark!
> If it makes it easier for the foundation, I can get the host together myself (paying for w/e architecture) and get a proof of concept out for the board to review prior to attaching any kind of DNS record.

Not necessary for you to get the host yourself.

Sorry to have been a little recalcitrant over the last week, but I have just started a new job with <https://status.im> which has been occupying my time.

Erik Hülsmann, a CLF board member, rents <https://hetzner.de/> instances for his CRM company which he essentially donates to the CLF at less than costs, so spinning up a host is no problem.

We have standardized on Debian over Ubuntu as it makes the licensing situation clearer when we need a “special case”.  Is there any reason you couldn’t install Discourse in the manner you wish under Debian?

> This includes me setting up whatever mail server, getting our daily backups together, and adding necessary plugins (GitHub/Gmail OAuth).

If necessary, we would federate the `USER at common-lisp.net` domain.  Currently we are running exim as the main MTA due to legacy concerns with mailman2 databases, but we wish to transition to a toplevel `postfix` that will work with the legacy `exim` for the `mailman2` app.

> I apologize for trying to rush this - I've got a lot of free time currently due to a lull in work going on at my current company. So I and the dev team are currently not doing much. I want to take advantage of the time while I can.

Cool. Let’s take advantage of it.

> Let me know and I'll get this out the door ASAP.

Can you please provide me with the public half of a contemporary-strength SSH keypair.  We’ll set up a host, and communicate root at HOST via ip4/6 under separate cover. 


P.S. if you wanna find me online, let’s figure out a Discord rendezvous.  I’m <discord:347061732705042435> aka <discord:easye#8466>.

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