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Sun Jun 12 05:25:50 UTC 2022


My name is Mark Evenson, and I serve as secretary of the Common Lisp Foundation, which is a non-profit (“Stichtung” in Dutch) based in the Netherlands.  We very much indeed would to host and support a Discourse instance for Common Lisp that would serve as a long-term, archived record of discussions and hopefully provide a place to perform some “lightweight" standardization of various topics.

I’d like to invite you to attend the next monthly CLF meeting which will occur this Wednesday, June 15th online at 2000 UTC. If you are able to attend, please send me private email for a more formal invitation.  

Given our mission to not only create content around CL but also ensure that it is accessible for decades to come, we would like to have a Common Lisp Discourse under a DNS name that we have administrative “control" over but we are undecided as to what would be best 

is pretty descriptive but perhaps too long. 

Whereas if we went with 

we would have to “share” the space with Scheme, Clojure, and whatever CONS-de-jure is popular.  Not a huge problem, but it would take ongoing explanation that “Lisp means Common Lisp”, which while perhaps true for a majority of CL users, is certainly not the sole defensible position.  

In any event, the CLF would love to give ya a host, a mandate, and some coordination to set up a Discourse instance.  There are several other CL users who would like to contribute and/or use such a Discourse instance that would be good to canvas for additional requirements/goals, but initially a Discourse instance, hooked up to some Oauth2 providers, and with tested daily automatic backups would be a great first step.

If a meeting on Wednesday is inconvenient to get going, then please let’s continue this discussion in some other way.  

Mark Evenson

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