Simplifying hosting services (aka "breaking up the monolith")

Erik Huelsmann ehuels at
Thu Jan 13 22:54:46 UTC 2022

Hi all,

> I'll move the hosted projects to:
>    https://<project>
> (I acquired for this purpose this morning.)

Yesterday, i succeeded to set up with a wildcard cert
from Letsencrypt (thanks EFF!) based on DNS authentication. Today,
I've succeeded to change the GitLab Pages setup to serve pages under
* instead of * (which is what I set
up on Monday to fix the pages deployment problems).

The above means that everybody can create personal and project sites
under "" as of today. Projects that are currently using
a *-site repository need to have their repository renamed to
"*" to be able to benefit from this new

An example is the cl-tar/cl-tar-site project that Eric Timmons created
recently for his CL-TAR project. I've used it (with his permission) as
a guinea pig. The repository has been renamed (it's now; you can
find its contents at

Next steps will be:

* Renaming existing *-site repositories to benefit from the new infrastructure
  --> I'll do this myself, because there are only a few repositories
that need renaming and it reduces the period where the site is "in
* Serve the remaining content from the filesystem in
/project/*/public_html/ from *
* Add pointers to the GitLab Pages documentation on how to set up
project pages, group pages and personal pages
  --> I can use a hand here: anybody who can review our current site
and add articles on how to use GitLab Pages for each of the three
mentioned types of sites, *and* explain how to do so in a lispy way,
would be urgently requested to help out.
* Move websites of projects that currently aren't using gitlab pages,
into gitlab pages.
* Do generic cleanup on the host's filesystem

In summary: over the coming days, your repository may be renamed. I'll
be the cause of that. This only applies to repositories which are
named <group_name>/<group_name>-site. In the mean time, you can play
around and create your own


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