Simplifying hosting services (aka "breaking up the monolith")

Stelian Ionescu sionescu at
Tue Jan 11 20:41:52 UTC 2022

> In order to simplify our setup (and eliminate the deployment problems
> we're experiencing) and at the same time add support for requests like
> those from Marco who wants to be able to deploy sites for multiple
> projects under the same umbrella, I've decided I want to move
> projects' sites to their own (sub)domains. In the past I thought this
> would need to be subdomains along the lines of
> https://<project> Although that's a
> deployment model that would work with GitLab Pages, I've decided
> against it. I'll move the hosted projects to:
>    https://<project>
> (I acquired for this purpose this morning.)

Very good idea, especially for security considerations: it's better that user-generated content be hosted under a different TLD.

> The setup I'm proposing is that we have a good look at the tons of
> rewrite rules we have currently in place and clean up the rewrite
> rules that we don't need anymore. Then, we create rewrite rules for
> the current project namespaces at
><project>/ to map to
> https://<project> There are a few projects which
> aren't using GitLab Pages to deploy their websites yet, mostly because
> they have no active maintainers. These projects will keep being served
> from their current locations on the filesystem of the
> host, but their content will be available through the new
> <project> URL space.


Stelian Ionescu

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