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I would like to get in touch with the following people in order to restart
the CDR process in a more structured way and with some support from current
technology.  In particular, as some of you may know, there is now a Zenodo
community which can be used to give DOI to CDRs (

To this end, I am looking to connect with the following people, who may be
listening in on this mailing list.  These are people who, besides myself
and Didier Verna, have authored some of the CDRs "up there": before just
adding their work on Zenodo, I would like their permission, whatever
license they may have added to their work.

So, if you are in the list (and I know some of you are listening), please
drop me a line; thank you.   If anybody knows how to get in touch with
someone on the list, please let me know as well.  I know some of the people
on the list can be contacted directly, but I am notoriously lazy :)

Thank you.

   - Marc Battyani
   - Arthur Lemmens
   - Edi Weitz
   - Gregor Kiczales
   - Ingvar Mattsson
   - Tobias C. Rottweiler
   - Sam Steingold

Marco Antoniotti, Professor                           tel. +39 - 02 64 48
79 01
DISCo, Università Milano Bicocca U14 2043
Viale Sarca 336
I-20126 Milan (MI) ITALY
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