Lost access to ASDF gitlab

Martin Simmons martin at lispworks.com
Wed Jul 22 10:44:03 UTC 2020

>>>>> On Wed, 15 Jul 2020 11:22:51 -0500, Robert Goldman said:
> By the way, this is not my normal email, but emails from my work address 
> (rpgoldman at sift.net) are being bounced because of the reverse lookup 
> policy on common-lisp.net.
> It seems to be puking on this:
> Your IP address is associated with the domain sift.net.
> Nevertheless your message appears to be sent from mail.sift.net.

I think SIFT has misconfigured reverse DNS:

# host -t a mail.sift.net.
mail.sift.net has address
# host -t a domain name pointer sift.net.
# host -t a sift.net.
sift.net has address

The reverse DNS for should be mail.sift.net. for best practice
(see https://www.debouncer.com/reverse-dns-check?ip=


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