Apologies for slow progress...

Mark Evenson evenson at panix.com
Sun Aug 2 10:00:32 UTC 2020

> On Aug 1, 2020, at 22:00, Robert Goldman <rpgoldman at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm afraid I have been very busy at work, but also the linux box I have been using as my Jenkins platform had a disk failure, taking it out of action.


> If anyone has hosting suggestions, please let me know: otherwise I'm afraid we'll be limping along till September, which is unfortunate, since we have a bunch of fixes and bug reports, and I would very much like to be able to get these wrapped up into a bug fix release.
> I hope you all are staying safe and healthy!

We would potentially be interested in hosting the ASDF CI on common-lisp.net with gitlab
CI.  We would have to work out the kinks with using commercial CL
implementations including reaching out to Allegro and LispWorks for proper
licensing.  Providing CI containers for tuned for ANSI CL implementations has
long been on our desired features, so this would line up well with where we
want to push the services offered by common-lisp.net.

It would take an unknown amount of work to provide this service to ASDF provided by an
unspecified number of volunteers, but given the importance of ASDF to everyone,
I believe we could attract a decent amount of help.  If there is a decent
alternative with Travis or some other service, and just getting things running
again rather than being a guinea pig for new services is your priority, then
please pursue that path.

We have a CLF board meeting this Wednesday at 1900 UTC where I could advance such
an idea, and we could coordinate on reaching out to the commercial vendors for
(hopefully free) licensing term details.

CLF board meeting attendence is more or less open to those who wish to attend
via GOOG meet.  Either drop me a mail, or stop by #common-lisp.net to get the
connection details.

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