Upgrading our host to Debian Buster

Vladimir Sedach vas at oneofus.la
Wed Sep 25 06:49:29 UTC 2019

Erik Huelsmann <ehuels at gmail.com> writes:

> Since we'll need to migrate our old mailing list archives to this
> new infrastructure (and preferably keep the URLs stable), the
> migration may be quite a bit of work to prepare. So, I'm looking
> for people who can help out: find out which *exact* steps we have
> to go through to get minimal downtime on an upgrade and get back to
> a stably running system on return.
> Comments? Volunteers? Proposals?

I looked into this. The manual seems to provide the needed steps:


What is suspicious is that they could not package this into a script,
and could not keep themselves from breaking the archive URLs.

This footnote is disconcerting:


What I would like to do is get the archives and configuration files,
and write a script (probably a makefile) that does the import and
updates to the old HTML pages, and see if any of the potential
problems come up in any of the lists, and if there is an automated
way to deal with them. The script can then be used for the upgrade.

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