2018 Site Redesign Proposal

Cheryl Yang lisp at cheryllium.com
Sun Apr 8 06:15:39 UTC 2018

Hi Sammie, 

Current work on the CLnet site is taking place at this repository: https://gitlab.common-lisp.net/clo/cl-site 

The page on cl-foundation.org that you found is a very old draft that was left online for some reason.

Our priority right now is to finish coding the static site generator in Lisp. Please see my WIP merge request for the status of this and to learn how you can help if you'd like :)

Once the static site generator is completed in Lisp, we should be able to remove the Ruby dependency. The current CLnet is generated with Ruby. Hope this clears it up.

- Cheryl

---- On Wed, 04 Apr 2018 02:35:21 -0400 Sammie Rawlison Jr <S.Rawlison.Jr at outlook.com> wrote ----

  This may not be the way comments should be made, but I did not want cause any issues by doing stuff on the "https://mailman.common-lisp.net/listinfo/clo-devel " page that would cause me to be yanked from this thread in case I were an actual member.

  I tried to flow through the github to follow the messages thread-paths to see where things were going with regards to  "  https://common-lisp.net/ " and the email I received "Re: 2018 Site Redesign Proposal". I saw a site "http://www.cl-foundation.org/clnet/index.html " which had a look alike the email attachment.

Common Lisp - The #1 Programmable Programming Language


welcome Donate. Dear Fellow Lispers, We want to bring common-lisp.net back to its old (modest) glory. We will not stop there, though --- our aim is to work to make it a great set of resources and services for seasoned as well as "newbie" Common Lispers alike.


Welcome to Common-Lisp.net!


Introduction. Welcome to the amazing world of Common Lisp, the programmable programming language. This site is one among many gateways to Common Lisp.


clo-devel Info Page - Common Lisp


To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the clo-devel Archives.. Using clo-devel: To post a message to all the list members, send email to clo-devel at common-lisp.net.


The comment of removing Ruby dependencies caught my attention, and also generating the site from Lisp was an eye opener.

So Cheryl, when you move over the front-end, the maintainers will continue?



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Yes, that's right, I recall it now. I'll move the front-end work over and pick up where we left off there. Sorry for my confusion.

---- On Sun, 01 Apr 2018 03:55:21 -0400 Erik Huelsmann <ehuels at gmail.com> wrote ----

Hi Cheryl, Mark,

On Sun, Apr 1, 2018 at 9:38 AM, Mark Evenson <evenson at panix.com> wrote:

Indeed for me it is a higher priority to remove the Ruby dependency and be able to generate the site from Lisp than it is to have a new site.




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> On Apr 1, 2018, at 01:08, Cheryl Yang <lisp at cheryllium.com> wrote:


> Hello everyone, long time no talk!


> I hope everyone has been well. I've had... a hectic time of it but I'm settling down finally.


> I should apologize for how MIA and hard-to-reach I have been.

> Hopefully now that things are more stable in my personal life, I can give more time to CL and other projects.


> As a start, I've written a basic design update for Common-Lisp.net. You can view and comment on the code for it here:  https://gitlab.common-lisp.net/clo/site/merge_requests/1


> This features actual mobile responsiveness (yes, the last design had an embarrassing mistake, I know!) and removes the mtime dependency that was preventing us from upgrading Ruby on CLnet's servers. I think we're still on a very old Ruby version, hopefully this will allow us to upgrade it, or at least remove one more barrier.


> Please take your time to review it at your leisure; I know I'm sort of surprising everyone with this.

> I've attached a few screenshots so you can see what it looks like at a glance.


> Thank you,

> - C. Yang

I thought the plan was to port the current site over to a non-Ruby version in  https://gitlab.common-lisp.net/clo/cl-site and then change that one?

It would be considerably easier for the operators to get rid of the Ruby dependency.

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