Time to consolidate static project pages into GitLab?

Daniel Kochmański daniel at turtleware.eu
Sat May 6 09:00:41 UTC 2017

Same goes for me, I host various static files on both ECL and McCLIM
projects (documentation, papers, in case of ECL - releases).


Anton Vodonosov writes:

> In cl-test-grid I store reports as static files on cl.net. Not sure it's possible with gitlab pages.
> Best regards,
> - Anton
> 06.05.2017, 01:30, "Erik Huelsmann" <ehuels at gmail.com>:
>  Hi all,
>  Since the inception of Common-Lisp.net, we have offered projects the option to log in on the host through ssh connections to manage their
>  hosted project pages (https://common-lisp.net/project/*).
>  As off December 2016, GitLab - the software we use to provide the majority of the repositories on the site - includes a hosting offer for
>  static pages: https://about.gitlab.com/2016/12/24/were-bringing-gitlab-pages-to-community-edition/
>  I've not studied the functionality in depth, but I'm wondering: would the time have come to start moving the project pages into GitLab by
>  using this offering and start moving away from having OS-based accounts?
>  Would people mind or even like to move to this functionality?
>  Regards,
>  --
>  Bye,
>  Erik.
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