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Mark Evenson evenson at
Tue Jun 20 07:11:21 UTC 2017

On 6/18/17 15:38, Erik Huelsmann wrote:

> I've removed quite a few packages indeed (from the current production
> system, that is): all packages related to the X11 (server) have been
> removed. So have most LaTeX and LuaTeX packages. The idea behind this step
> is that the access provided by is merely provided to
> support uploading and maintaining the static html pages -- my assumption is
> that that has little relationship to being able to start a desktop
> environment or graphics environment.
> If you miss packages that you depend on, don't hesitate to speak up. Please
> explain what you need them for and I'll make them available again.


I appreciate the effort to get to Debian Stretch, but
also functions as a shell host and therefore needs more than uploading
and maintaining the static html pages.  To that end, I have reinstalled
system-wide screen and gcc to continue with my use of the host.

In the future, we should probably have a explicit whitelist of who is
using what package.  Is there somewhere that I can record the list of
Debian packages on that I am "actively" depending upon
to prevent their removal in the future?

A question:  do you intend to retain 'file://'
hierarchy, or will that be absorbed into the redoing of the
'' hierarchy.

It would be nice to update documentation on what systems we are using,
and how.  We have started to document things in the Trac wiki
<>.  Are we going to
maintain this or migrate it to something else?

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