GitLab migration and existing links to source code

Erik Huelsmann ehuels at
Mon Mar 23 21:40:23 UTC 2015

Hi Anton,

At the
> there is a link "Browse the latest source code".
> It refers to
Ah. And that link is dead. Same as the ViewCVS link that was mailed about

> As I understand, darcs repos were migrated to GitLab.
Actually, that's not entirely correct: they *will* be migrated to GitLab,
but they have not yet: the only repositories migrated so far were any Git
repositories that already existed on the system.

> Maybe it makes sense to map the old URLs to the corresponding GitLab URls?
Absolutely. And they will once the repositories get migrated. We went
through quite a bit of effort to do this correctly for Git (gitweb), so I'm
expecting the same for darcsweb.

The reason the link is broken is because the web-browsing utilities have
been hosted at various different paths in the webspace.
I've introduced URL rewriting to the place where darcsweb currently is
being hosted.

> Best regards,
> - Anton
Thanks for the report!


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